Exercise and Muscle

We focus on human integrative physiology in health and disease and how this interacts with ageing. We make every effort to understand the metabolic and muscle remodelling behind exercise training, physical activity and diseases - from the whole body across organs, tissues, and cells to the intracellular environment.

We specifically study:

  • Metabolic, cardiovascular and muscle regulations 
  • The whole body: across regions and organs, tissue and cells
  • The morphology, integrity and function of organelles and muscle fibres
  • The molecular signalling pathways and metabolic processes
  • The intracellular compartmentalization as regulators of metabolic pathways
  • The proteins (expression, location, functionality and abundance) in a systems biology approach.

We use state of the art techniques in biomechanics, metabolic, muscle & cardiovascular research, as well as biochemical, immunochemical, biophysical and molecular biology analyses.

For more information on the topics and methods, please visit the group sites of our theme members.