About the Department

Department of Biomedical Sciences (BMI) is an interdisciplinary department, which covers seven research themes with a common point of reference: 'basic biomedical research with emphasis on translational potential'.

The Department's research is translational and placed in the cross-field between basic health research and the clinic/industry. The aim of our research is to generate new knowledge that can be used in the prevention and treatment of diseases, for example diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and cancer.

Our researchers are also active participants in a range of centres, core facilities and networks.

The Department’s annual turnover is about DKK 160 million where approx. half comes from external funding.

Composition of staff

BMI has about 260 employees and a large number of externally affiliated researchers and teachers as well as many students working with one of our research groups. In total, the Department covers about 500 people.

The staff includes graduates in medicine and natural sciences, such as molecular biologists, biochemists, anatomists, physiologists, pharmacologists and clinicians, as well as a strong team of laboratory technicians, bio analysts, and administrative staff.

The Faculty VIP staff consists of approx. 75 professors, associate professors and assistant professors and includes many internationally renowned top researchers who have attracted major national and international grants and prizes.


Our researchers deliver cutting edge research-based and clinically relevant undergraduate teaching and supervision in the field of biomedicine on a range of courses, and supervise postgraduate students enrolled at the Graduate School programmes.

The history of BMI

BMI celebrated its 10-year anniversary on 1 January 2017. The Department was formed when parts of five smaller departments were merged on 1 January 2007:

  • Department of Medical Physiology (MFI)
  • The Department of Medical Anatomy (MAI)
  • The Department of Medical Biochemistry and Genetics (IMBG)
  • The Department of Pharmacology (FI)
  • The Department of Molecular Pathology (IMP)

The Department of Biomedical Sciences is part of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen.