Hjortø Group – modulation of chemokine signalling and immune cell chemotaxis

The Hjortø Group carries out fundamental research in order to understand how naturally occurring peptides and other allosteric modulators acting at chemokine receptors affect immune cell function in vitro and in vivo to provide new principles for improved anti-inflammatory and immune-activating drugs to be used in future therapy.







  • In vitro pharmacology (cell signalling assays in cell lines & primary immune cells (cAMP, arrestin recruitment, calcium flux, receptor internalization etc.).
  • In vitro 3D chemotaxis assays (Time-lapse microscopy)
  • Protein-protein interaction (SPR & Fluorescent polarization)
  • Immunological approaches, Flow cytometry and ELISA
Gertrud Hjortø

Group Leader

Gertrud Hjortø
Associate Professor


ORCID: 0000-0002-0057-6371

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anne Sophie Schou PhD Fellow +4535331952 E-mail
Gertrud Malene Hjortø Associate Professor +4529869220 E-mail
Marina Barrio Calvo Guest Researcher   E-mail
Ting Xu Master Student   E-mail