Jacobsen Group - Vascular Modeling

Research in the Vascular Modeling Laboratory is focused on integrative models of the microcirculation. We apply multiple-scale computational models to investigate basic mechanisms operating in the microcirculation in both health and disease.








Ultimately, the aim of the group's research is to contribute to the body of knowledge necessary to develop new treatment strategies for conditions such as diabetes and hypertension which affects the microcirculation.

We are interested in the dynamics of small molecules and ions including Ca2+ in restricted areas just below the cell membrane. The concentration of Ca2+ in such microdomains may vastly exceed that found in the rest of the cell in turn this may initiate specific reactions and modulate communication in the vascular wall. Microdomain mechanisms may also operate in the tubuli of the kidney in relation to blood pressure regulation.

On an intermediary length scale we apply models of vascular wall cells that incorporate cellular electrophysiology and intercellular coupling through gap junctions. Coupling of numerous cells into a vessel-like structure results in emergent properties such as intercellular synchronization and intercellular spread of electrical signals, so-called vascular conducted responses.

At the largest length scale we work with the properties of microvascular networks - how networks remodel and change in hypertension and how the retinal microcirculation behaves under various conditions. 




































Group leader

Group Leader

Jens Christian Brings Jacobsen
Associate Professor

Phone +45 3532 7401