Evaluation of commercially available glucagon receptor antibodies and glucagon receptor expression

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Glucagon is a major regulator of metabolism and drugs targeting the glucagon receptor (GCGR) are being developed. Insight into tissue and cell-specific expression of the GCGR is important to understand the biology of glucagon and to differentiate between direct and indirect actions of glucagon. However, it has been challenging to localize the GCGR in tissue due to low expression levels and lack of specific methods. Immunohistochemistry has frequently been used for GCGR localization, but antibodies targeting G-protein-coupled-receptors may be inaccurate. We evaluated all currently commercially available GCGR antibodies. The antibody, ab75240 (Antibody no. 11) was found to perform best among the twelve antibodies tested and using this antibody we found expression of the GCGR in the kidney, liver, preadipocytes, pancreas, and heart. Three antibody-independent approaches all confirmed the presence of the GCGR within the pancreas, liver and the kidneys. GCGR expression should be evaluated by both antibody and antibody-independent approaches.

TidsskriftCommunications Biology
Udgave nummer1
Antal sider13
StatusUdgivet - 2022

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