Kjær Group - Cluster for Molecular Imagning

We focus on translational molecular imaging with PET and PET/MRI and on development of targeted radionuclide therapies (theranostics) for use in precision medicine in cancer, cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory disease.






The group is headed by Professor Andreas Kjær (MD, PhD, DMSc). Development of molecular imaging involves numerous disciplines; therefore, the group includes researchers from diverse backgrounds: physicists, chemists, engineers, human biologists, medical doctors, veterinarians, etc. We value a friendly, yet ambitious working environment where researchers can interact both professionally and socially.





Anne Mette Fisker Hag
Research Coordinator


Group Leader

Andreas Kjær

Phone +453532 7504

ORCID: 0000-0002-2706-5547

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Aleena Azam PhD Student +4550426209 E-mail
Amanda Øster Andersen Guest Researcher +4535335322 E-mail
Anders Christensen Postdoc +4535459786 E-mail
Anders Wilgaard Sinkjær Guest Researcher   E-mail
Andreas Høeg Clemmensen PhD Student +4535327292 E-mail
Andreas Kjær Professor +4535327504 E-mail
Ane Beth Sloth Research Assistant   E-mail
Anna Månsson Animal Keeper   E-mail
Anne Mette Fisker Hag Special Consultant +4535327245 E-mail
Anne Skovsbo Clausen PhD Student   E-mail
Babak Bakhshinejad Postdoc +4535337952 E-mail
Bjarke Follin Postdoc +4535327457 E-mail
Camilla Hell Christensen PhD Student   E-mail
Camilla Stavnsbjerg Postdoc +4560626654 E-mail
Carl Fabiansen Student Assistant   E-mail
Carsten Haagen Nielsen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Cecilie Høeg Pedersen PhD Fellow +4528977712 E-mail
Charlotte Lund Denholt Guest Researcher   E-mail
Constance Eline Grandjean Poulsen PhD Student   E-mail
Danna Kamstrup Sell Research Assistant   E-mail
David Wichmann Høyer Hansen Laboratory Assistant +4535329494 E-mail
Emil Nørgaard Christensen Student Assistant   E-mail
Esben Andreas Carlsen PhD Student   E-mail
Esben Christensen Postdoc +4552111253 E-mail
Eva Lykke PhD Student   E-mail
Harshvardhan Ajay Khare Research Assistant   E-mail
Heidi Ryssel PhD Student   E-mail
Helle Hjorth Johannesen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Ida Kirstine Bull Rasmussen Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Ida Melisa Dawoodi Master Student   E-mail
Jacob Kildevang Jensen PhD Student   E-mail
Jakob Schøier Kovsted Guest Researcher   E-mail
Jesper Tranekjær Jørgensen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Johanne Straarup Madsen PhD Student   E-mail
Jonghyun Lee Guest Researcher   E-mail
Julie van Krimpen Mortensen Student Assistant   E-mail
Karina Juhl Research Assistant +4535327276 E-mail
Katrine Qvist Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4526837589 E-mail
Kirsten Langberg Meeske Laboratory Technician +4540983084 E-mail
Kristian Lindholm Guest Researcher   E-mail
Kristina Benedikte V Døssing Postdoc   E-mail
Lars Hvass Research Assistant   E-mail
Line Bruhn Schneider Knudsen Research Assistant   E-mail
Mads Lawaetz PhD Student   E-mail
Malene Martini Clausen Guest Researcher +4535332941 E-mail
Malte Engmann Kjeldskov Jensen Research Assistant   E-mail
Maria Zeiler Alfsen Research Assistant +4525572710 E-mail
Marie Øbro Fosbøl PhD Student   E-mail
Martin Lyngby Lassen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Mathias Hougaard Loft PhD Student   E-mail
Mathilde Daniele Ørbæk Thalund Guest Researcher   E-mail
Mette Neiegaard Wiinholt Research Assistant   E-mail
Naja Jean Larsen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Patrick Soldath PhD Student   E-mail
Pere Ginebra Solanellas Guest Researcher   E-mail
Rasmus Hvass Hansen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Rasmus Sejersten Ripa Postdoc +4535326018 E-mail
Sigrid Cold Student   E-mail
Simon Bentsen PhD Student   E-mail
Sorel Kurbegovic PhD Student   E-mail
Thomas Levin Klausen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Thomas Lund Andersen Guest Researcher +4528966474 E-mail
Thorbjørn Søren Rønn Jensen PhD Student   E-mail
Tina Binderup Postdoc +4535327533 E-mail
Tuule Treiberg PhD Fellow +4535325796 E-mail
Ulrich Knigge Guest Researcher   E-mail
Xin Li PhD Student   E-mail
Yue He Research Assistant   E-mail