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The Cardiac Genetics research group is highly involved in research in the field of genetic causes of cardiac arrhythmia. 







Our main project uses Next Generation Sequencing to perform genetic screening of approximately 1000 atrial fibrillation patients with early onset of lone atrial fibrillation (lone AF) and 25 families with an accumulation of atrial fibrillation (AF), in order to identify genetic variations as a cause of AF. The 25 families has already been exome Sequencing and we are currently analyzing the huge amount data.



In patients with early onset lone AF and in families with an accumulation of AF, we can detect genetic variations associated with the disease. These variations alter the function of the cardiac myocytes and thus play a role in the pathophysiology of AF.












For many years the gold-standard method of gene sequencing has been the Sanger sequencing method where one had to select candidate genes that were subsequently analyzed one by one. A method that could easily take months before the results of just a single gene were available.

Next Generation Sequencing

Within the last years, technology in genetic sequencing has evolved greatly, resulting in a plethora of new techniques, collectively named Next Generation Sequencing. With next generation sequencing the entire DNA (genome) or major parts of it (e.g. all protein coding regions = the exome) can be analyzed in just one analysis and requiring only a few days to obtain the results.











































Group leader Morten Salling Olesen

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Morten Salling Olesen 

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