Flow Linear Dichroism Spectroscopic Studies of the Natural Product Curcumin and Double Stranded DNA

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Curcumin is a polyphenol found in the rhizomes of the plant Curcuma Longa, commonly known as turmeric. Curcumin has a bright yellow color, and in turmeric, curcumin exists along with two other curcuminoids: desmethoxy curcumin and bisdesmethoxy curcumin [1]. Curcumin has shown multiple biological effect, including antibacterial effects [2], antioxidant activities [1], antidepressant effects [3] and anticarcinogenic effects among others as reviewed by [4]. Importantly, it is known that curcumin can bind to and cross cellular membranes [5].
Publikationsdato30 aug. 2011
StatusUdgivet - 30 aug. 2011

ID: 34367452