Alicia Lundby

Alicia Lundby

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Cardiac proteomics is the merging of two scientific disciplines: molecular cardiac physiology and high resolution proteomics technology. In the interface between these two disciplines novel mechanistic insight on molecular regulatory mechanisms of the heart can be achieved. Cardiac proteomics allows for unbiased investigations of protein and signaling changes taking place in cardiac tissue, and it is a scientific field spearheaded by the Lundby group.

In the Lundby group cardiac proteomics is applied to gain molecular insights into regulatory processes in the heart. The efforts undertaken aim at uncovering a deep molecular understanding of the changes in hearts exposed to various perturbations ultimately allowing us to identify novel pharmaceutical targets for cardiac disease intervention.

The application of high resolution proteomics to investigate protein- and signaling regulation directly in cardiac tissue has opened a new avenue of molecular cardiac research. In recent years proteomics method developments have been achieved that allows for in-depth investigations of the cardiac protein landscape. In the Lundby group we exploit state-of-the-art proteomics technologies to pinpoint specific proteins and peptides crucial for proper cardiac function. Our proteomics based strategies allow us to address fundamental questions on protein- and signaling regulation for all cardiac proteins in single experiments. 

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Primære forskningsområder

The Lundby group works on a multitude of diverse projects, but the overarching aim of all projects is to identify specific proteins crucial for a given cardiac phenotype. Our projects are based on our combined expertise in high-resolution proteomics technology, cardiac ion channel research and human population genetics. We have previously shown that integration of quantitative interaction proteomics with human population genetics is a strong tool to uncover novel proteins associated with a cardiac phenotype. We are currently exploiting our expertise within this interdisciplinary approach to specifically untangle molecular players involved in the cardiac disorders atrial fibrillation and heart failure.

As many cardiac diseases are primarily associated with dysfunction of one of the four cardiac chambers we are also performing detailed investigations of the protein-specific differences among the four chambers. We believe this will be key information to identify novel pharmaceutical targets with chamber-specific impact. 

Udvalgte publikationer

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  2. Udgivet

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  3. Udgivet

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