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This is a list of all employees at the Department of Biomedical Sciences. The list is sorted in alphabetical order in accordance to the employees' first name.

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Aase Flensborg SanderLab glassware cleaning assistant Administration +45 93 56 54 77E-mail
Abigail MackeyAssociate professor Xlab +45 38 63 58 73E-mail
Adam Ali Holm GhotbiPhD student Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Adriana Ibarra UrizarPhD student Beta Cell Biology +45 50 15 65 95E-mail
Alex Berg KristensenMaster thesis student Ion Channel Group  E-mail
Alexander Hovard Sparre-UlrichPostdoc   
Alicia LundbyAssociate professor Ion Channel Group +45 353-25049E-mail
Amalie AggergaardGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Amer MujezinovicLaboratory technician Ion Channel Group +45 23 84 01 11E-mail
Ana Cristina Mosebo FernandesGuest researcher Translational Metabolic Physiology  E-mail
Anders ChristensenPhD student Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-30416E-mail
Anders SondrupDepartment administrator Administration +45 353-22153E-mail
Anders Drabæk WiufPhD student Membrane Protein Structural Biology +45 353-37263E-mail
Anders Elias HansenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27267E-mail
Anders Odderup MadsenStudent Xlab  
Anders Sonne MunchPostdoc Cardiac Physiology Laboratory  E-mail
Andreas KjærProfessor Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27504E-mail
Andreas Blaaholm NielsenMaster thesis student Xlab  E-mail
Andreas Ettrup ClemmensenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27292E-mail
André Martin KorshinGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Anette BjerregaardLaboratory technician Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Anita Vibsig Neutzsky-WulffGuest researcher MetLab  E-mail
Anja Christine Birk KuhlmanPhD student Xlab +45 353-30698E-mail
Anna BorupGuest researcher Lipoprotein and Athoersclerosis Research +45 30 53 07 99E-mail
Anna ChristiansenLab glassware cleaning assistant Administration +45 93 56 54 77E-mail
Anna Carola KrämerPhD student Protein Oxidation +45 353-34120E-mail
Anna Kirstine RinggaardPhD student Beta Cell Biology  E-mail
Anna Lindeløv VestergaardPostdoc Immuno-endocrinology Laboratory +45 353-37795E-mail
Anna Maria WigrenGuest researcher Lipoprotein and Athoersclerosis Research +46709205613
Anna Sofie HustedPhD student Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Anna Thorsø LarsenPhD student MetLab  
Anne ØrgaardGuest researcher Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 353-30796E-mail
Anne Anker NissenStudent Gut hormones and Bone Remodeling  E-mail
Anne Mette Fisker HagGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27245E-mail
Anne Nordmark MurmannGuest researcher Food Proteins +45 22 27 63 67E-mail
Anne Skovsbo ClausenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Anne Sofie GramResearch student Act4Life +45 22 93 36 32E-mail
Annemarie Aarup PedersenPhD student Lipoprotein and Athoersclerosis Research +45 353-26731E-mail
Annette Maria FuchsGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Annette Susanne DuelliResearch assistant Membrane Protein Structural Biology  E-mail
Anniek Frederike LubberdingPhD student Cardiac Physiology Laboratory  E-mail
Antonio Luis Cuesta-MuñozGuest researcher Beta Cell Biology +45 353-33030E-mail
Ari MeersonGuest researcher MetLab  E-mail
Arnela SaljicPhD student Cardiac Physiology Laboratory  E-mail
Arthur IngersenResearch assistant Xlab  E-mail
Asbjørn Vestergaard SeerupPrecision Mechanic Administration +45 353-30770E-mail
Ask Gabriel VengeStudent Birgitte Holst Group  
Asraf ZainudinPhD student Food Proteins +45 353-33977E-mail
Astrid Sissel JørgensenStudent Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Barbara ThaysenLaboratory technician Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Bente E de Stricker StærgaardBioanalyst CFIM +45 93 56 52 92E-mail
Bente Merete StallknechtProfessor Act4Life +45 353-27540E-mail
Berit SvendsenGuest researcher Translational Metabolic Physiology  E-mail
Betina BørresenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Betina Utoft MadsenGuest researcher Act4Life  E-mail
Birgitte Egedie Sander NielsenGuest researcher Lipoprotein and Athoersclerosis Research +45 35 45 41 80E-mail
Bjarke FollinGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Bjørn QuistorffProfessor The Metabolic Regulation Group +45 353-37635E-mail
Bjørn Roshan FristrupResearch assistant Xlab  E-mail
Bo Hjorth BentzenAssociate professor Ion Channel Group +45 353-30797E-mail
Bolette HartmannAssociate professor Gut hormones and Bone Remodeling +45 353-27501E-mail
Camilla ChristensenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Camilla StavnsbjergPhD student Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Camilla VerdichResearch coordinator Administration +45 353-31861E-mail
Camilla Lysemose ClausenStudent Ion Channel Group  E-mail
Camilla Maria Mandrup JensenVisiting Researcher Act4Life +45 353-30595E-mail
Camilla Sloth KnudsenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Camilla Stampe JensenPostdoc Ion Channel Group +45 353-30969E-mail
Camilla Stampe JensenAssistant professor Ion Channel Group +45 353-30969E-mail
Camilla Vestergaard HansenStudent Xlab  E-mail
Carina Bjørnskov SteenholtMaster thesis student Act4Life  E-mail
Carlotta CiterniPhD student Ion Channel Group  E-mail
Caroline Borup AndersenResearch assistant Act4Life +45 353-31173E-mail
Caroline Sofie KonringMaster thesis student Clinical translational metabolism  E-mail
Carolyn F. DeaconAssociate professor Deacon Group +45 353-27523E-mail
Carsten Haagen NielsenPostdoc Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Catarina Anna Evelina MalmbergGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Cathrine ØrskovAssociate professor Light Microscopy +45 60 21 65 70E-mail
Cecilia Friis RatnerPhD student Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Cecilie KnudsenResearch student Clinical Translational Metabolism +45 353-26173E-mail
Cecilie Hundahl JohnsenGuest researcher Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Charlotte JanusPhD student Clinical Translational Metabolism +45 28 68 00 25E-mail
Charlotte Bayer ChristiansenGuest researcher Translational Metabolic Physiology  E-mail
Charlotte Mehlin SørensenAssociate professor Renal Hemodynamics +45 353-27404E-mail
Charlotte Riis ChristensenStudent Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Christa Funch JensenPhD student Gap Junction +45 353-30720E-mail
Christian AalkjærProfessor Ion Channel Group  E-mail
Christian BergPhD student Hans Rudolf Luttichau  E-mail
Christian Ammitzbøll JuulGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Christian E. Haarmark NielsenGuest researcher Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology +45 61 65 66 45E-mail
Christiane Marie Bourgin Folke GamPhD student The Metabolic Regulation Group +45 353-30463E-mail
Christina ChristoffersenAssociate professor Lipoprotein and Athoersclerosis Research +45 353-30961E-mail
Christina GrønbergPhD student Membrane Protein Structural Biology +45 353-37992E-mail
Christina JensenStudent Xlab  E-mail
Christina Schjøth-EskesenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Christina Byrne Faurholt AagaardGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Christina Neigaard HansenAcademic staff Xlab +45 353-30173E-mail
Christine Yu-Nung ChuangPostdoc Protein Oxidation +45 353-37852E-mail
Christoffer BadstedMaster thesis student Membrane Trafficking  E-mail
Chunyu JinAcademic officer Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Clara Prats GavaldaAssociate professor Xlab +45 353-30706E-mail
Clare Louise HawkinsProfessor with special responsibilities Protein Oxidation +45 353-37005E-mail
Claudia CastroGuest researcher MetLab  E-mail
Constance Eline Grandjean PoulsenMaster Student Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27503E-mail
Constance Eline Grandjean PoulsenMaster thesis student Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27503E-mail
Daniel ModinMaster thesis student Cardiac Physiology Laboratory  
Daniel Bjørklund AndersenLaboratory assistant Gut Hormones and Bone Remodeling  E-mail
Daniella Elisabet ØstergaardGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Denise Oró BozzineGuest researcher Translational Metabolic Physiology  E-mail
Desirée Hornbæk MillingBioanalyst Act4Life +45 353-30715E-mail
Ditte SøgaardPhD student Xlab +45 353-30713E-mail
Ditte Elisabeth JæhgerGuest researcher Cluster for molecular imaging  E-mail
Dorthe Charlotte SkovgaardGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27232E-mail
Dorthe M HansenKitchen assistant Administration +45 353-30763
Eduardo Felipe Fuentes LemusGuest researcher Protein oxidation  E-mail
Elahu Gosney SustarsicPostdoc Zach Gerhart-Hines Group  E-mail
Elena LonghinPhD student Membrane Protein Structural Biology  E-mail
Eline van ReeStudent Xlab  E-mail
Elisa Pouline JensenGuest researcher Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 353-30782E-mail
Emilie Balk-MøllerPhD student Gut Hormone Biology Lab +45 41 11 10 03E-mail
Emma Therese BayLaboratory assistant Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-35550E-mail
Erik Andreas MartensGuest researcher Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology +45 30 64 57 02E-mail
Esben ChristensenGuest researcher Cluster for molecular imaging  E-mail
Esben Vedel-LarsenGuest researcher Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology  E-mail
Eva Gjerlevsen NielsenStudent Xlab  E-mail
Eva Pers Winning IepsenPhD student Clinical Translational Metabolism +45 353-27500E-mail
Eva Wulff HelgeGuest researcher Xlab +45 353-20803E-mail
Eva Zander HesselkildePhD student Cardiac Physiology Laboratory  E-mail
Fabian LeinischPostdoc Protein Oxidation  E-mail
Farzaneh Taheri SotudehStudent Immuno-endocrinology Laboratory +45 50 22 07 27E-mail
Federico DentiPostdoc Ion Channel Group  E-mail
Filip Skovgaard NielsenFinance officer Administration +45 353-32543E-mail
Flemming DelaProfessor Xlab +45 353-27425E-mail
Franziska MendeGuest researcher Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Frederikke Petrine FliednerPhD student Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-30419E-mail
Frederikke Petrine FliednerPhD student Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-30419E-mail
Geke Aline BoerResearch assistant Gut Hormones and Bone Remodeling +45 52 74 55 59E-mail
Gerda HauBioanalyst MetLab +45 353-27436E-mail
Gerrit van HallProfessor Human systemic and tissue metabolite kinetics +45 35 45 75 95E-mail
Gert Fredrik BäckhedProfessor Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Gitte Lund ChristensenGuest researcher Beta Cell Biology +45 353-30461E-mail
Gitte Nygaard AndersenMaster thesis student Clinical translational metabolism  E-mail
Gorm WagnerGuest researcher  +45 41 56 10 90E-mail
Grace C A HolmAdministrative officer, department secretary Administration +45 353-27428E-mail
Gregers Brünnich D RasmussenGuest researcher Cluster for molecular imaging  
Gustav HildebrandtBachelor student Membrane Protein Structural Biology  
Hafsa SaeedGuest researcher Membrane protein Structural Biology  
Hanne PedersenMaster thesis student Clinical Translational Metabolism  E-mail
Hanne Borger RasmussenAssociate professor Ion Channel Group +45 353-27557E-mail
Hannelouise KissowAssociate professor Gut Hormone Biology Lab +45 353-26651E-mail
Hans Eric S Seitz-RasmussenGuest researcher Act4life  
Harshvardhan Ajay KhareMaster thesis student Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Heidi Marie PaulsenBioanalyst Light Microscopy +45 60 60 68 19E-mail
Helena DominguezAssociate professor   E-mail
Helene Ejdesgaard PalmStudent Clinical Translational Metabolism  E-mail
Helle FjordvangLaboratory technician Beta Cell Biology  E-mail
Helle Dyhrfjeld JensenLaboratory technician Administration +45 353-27180E-mail
Henriette Schjørring JørgensenResearch assistant Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Henrik RielAttendant Administration +45 353-30768E-mail
Henrik Gutte BorgwardtGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Henrik H. El AliAssociate professor The Metabolic Regulation Group +45 353-27257E-mail
Hongbin ZhangAssociate professor Adipocyte Biology +45 353-30484E-mail
Huan CaiGuest researcher Protein Oxidation  E-mail
Iain Andrew GreenwoodGuest researcher Ion Channel Group  E-mail
Ib Therkelsen ArentLaboratory technician The Metabolic Regulation Group +45 24 34 06 23E-mail
Ida Christine Jacobsen   E-mail
Ida Marie ModvigGuest researcher Translational Metabolic Physiology  E-mail
Ida Marie Bergman RasmussenStudent assistant Student assistant +45 353-32514E-mail
Ilsbeth van HerckPhD student Cardiac Pharmacology  E-mail
Inger Spangsberg JensenResearch assistant Beta Cell Biology  E-mail
Ingrid Marie Holst OlsenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27236E-mail
Isabella Skandorff PedersenStudent assistant Ion Channel Group  
Iuliia KaravaevaResearch assistant Zach Gerhart-Hines Group  E-mail
Jacob FrandsenResearch assistant Xlab  E-mail
Jacob Bækmark UthPostdoc Xlab  
Jacqueline van HallSecretary Xlab +45 353-27423E-mail
Jakob Bondo HansenPostdoc Zach Gerhart-Hines Group  E-mail
Jane NagbølCommunications and web officer Administration +45 353-30766E-mail
Jannik LandtAssistant professor The Metabolic Regulation Group +45 23 84 01 19E-mail
Jenna Elizabeth HuntMaster thesis student Gut Hormone Biology Lab  E-mail
Jennifer Solgaard JørgensenGuest researcher Cluster for molecular imaging  
Jens BülowClinical professor Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 353-30775E-mail
Jens BülowClinical professor Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 353-30775E-mail
Jens Pedersen Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 353-27439E-mail
Jens Christian BrasenGuest researcher Vascular Modeling Laboratory +45 353-27404E-mail
Jens Christian Brings JacobsenAssociate professor Vascular Modeling Laboratory +45 353-27401E-mail
Jens Høiriis NielsenEmeritus Beta Cell Biology +45 353-27721E-mail
Jens Juul HolstProfessor Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 287-57518E-mail
Jens Skjoldan SvenningsenStudent Liver Metabolism and Metabolic Imaging  E-mail
Jeppe BachBioanalyst Xlab +45 353-30996E-mail
Jeppe Egedal KirchhoffGuest researcher Ion Channel Group +45 353-30974E-mail
Jeppe Hvidtfeldt EkbergPhD student Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Jesper Andreas KnudsenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-26458E-mail
Jesper Dyrendom SvalgaardGuest researcher  +45 35 45 60 69E-mail
Jesper Tranekjær JørgensenPostdoc Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27258E-mail
Jessica Maiean KlaphaakLaboratory assistant Ion Channel Group  E-mail
Jingwen LiPhD student Adipocyte Biology  E-mail
Jinyi ZhangPhD student Clinical Translational Metabolism  E-mail
Joana Louro Larupa dos SantosPhD student Ion Channel Group  E-mail
Johan Casper Grove PetersenPhD student Cardiac Physiology Laboratory +45 20 88 86 21E-mail
Johanna IrnstorferGuest researcher Protein Oxidation  E-mail
Johanne Agerlin WindeløvPhD student Gut hormones and Bone Remodeling +45 353-30795E-mail
John Robert HarknessErasmus master student Protein Oxidation  E-mail
Jonas GhousePhD student Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology  E-mail
Jonas WintherGuest researcher Act4Life +45 353-27456E-mail
Jonas Goldin DinessPostdoc Ion Channel Group +45 353-30963E-mail
Jonas L. IsaksenStudent Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology  E-mail
Jonas Salling QuistResearch assistant Act4Life +45 353-30598E-mail
Jonathan Andreas Wang LangerMaster thesis student Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Josefine Freyberg JensenAcademic officer Thue W. Schwartz Group  
Julia GusatovicStudent assistant Gut Hormone Biology Lab  E-mail
Julia PeicsAcademic officer Zach Gerhart-Hines Group  E-mail
Juliana Nardelli CostaMaster thesis student Adipocyte Biology  E-mail
Julie AbildgaardPhD student MetLab  E-mail
Julie CourraudGuest researcher Xlab  E-mail
Julie LeeStudent Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Julie Bjerre TarpPhD student  +45 353-30728E-mail
Julie Rehné LundgrenPhD student Clinical Translational Metabolism  E-mail
Julie Winkel MisselPhD student Membrane protein Structrual Biology +45 22 51 30 19E-mail
Jytte OxbølBioanalyst Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27521E-mail
Jørgen WarbergEmeritus Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Jørgen K. KantersAssociate professor Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology +45 353-27402E-mail
Jørn Wulff HelgeProfessor Xlab +45 353-27506E-mail
Kaare Villum GrunddalPhD student Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Kaituo WangPostdoc Membrane Protein Structural Biology  E-mail
Kalai Mangai MuthukumarasamyPhD student Cardiac Physiology Laboratory  E-mail
Kamil GotfrydAssistant professor Membrane Protein Structural Biology +45 41 40 28 69E-mail
Kamilla NørregaardPostdoc Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-32373E-mail
Karen Nørgaard NielsenPhD student Zach Gerhart-Hines Group  E-mail
Karin de Linde Lind TroelsenPhD student Ion Channel Group  E-mail
Karina JuhlPhD student Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27276E-mail
Karina KückMaster thesis student Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology  E-mail
Karina Louise Skov HustedPhD student Xlab  E-mail
Karina Louise Skov Husted   
Karoline Maise ChrøisStudent Xlab  E-mail
Kasper With NielsenAnimal caretaker Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-31343E-mail
Katharina StohlmannLaboratory technician Zach Gerhart-Hines Group  E-mail
Katja Maria HeinemeierGuest researcher Xlab +45 35 31 60 88E-mail
Katrine QvistBioanalyst Light Microscopy +45 26 83 75 89E-mail
Katrine Douglas GalsgaardMaster thesis student Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 60 44 61 45E-mail
Kelly Ann GardinerGuest researcher Protein Oxidation  
Kim BoddumPostdoc Cardiac Physiology Laboratory +45 353-34370E-mail
Kirsa SkovResearch assistant Gut hormones and Bone Remodeling  
Kirsten Juul-HansenKitchen assistant Administration +45 353-30764E-mail
Kirstine Kim Schmidt KarnovGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Kirstine Kjær ChristensenMaster thesis student   E-mail
Kirstine Sloth TølbølPhD student Nutrient Transport and Metabolism  
Klaus QvortrupProfessor CFIM +45 353-27251E-mail
Klaus QvortrupProfessor CFIM +45 353-27251E-mail
Konstantina FloudaResearch assistant Protein Oxidation +45 42 58 75 85E-mail
Kristina Benedikte V DøssingGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Kristine Terese NielsenStudent assistant Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Kristoffer RaczLaboratory technician Gap Junction +45 353-30725E-mail
Kristoffer Lihme EgerodAssistant professor Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Lars HolmAssociate professor Skeletal Muscle Mass  E-mail
Lars Jørn JensenPart-time lecturer  +45 353-32563E-mail
Lars Ringgaard PetersenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Lasse SkibsbyeGuest researcher Cardiac Physiology Laboratory +45 26 27 00 78E-mail
Lasse Løcke LangholmPhD student Nutrient Transport and Metabolism  E-mail
Laura Amalie PaludanMaster thesis student Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Laure PlantardSenior adviser CFIM +45 29 35 49 61E-mail
Lea Abildgaard JensenAssociate researcher Ion Channel Group +45 353-30971E-mail
Lea Hüche LarsenPhD student The Metabolic Regulation Group  E-mail
Lene ElkjærAdministrative officer Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Lene Brus AlbækBioanalyst Gut hormones and Bone Remodeling  E-mail
Lillian Helene Lund HansenLaboratory technician The Metabolic Regulation Group +45 353-30465E-mail
Linda Helena Margaretha MagnussonGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27517E-mail
Line Ravn NielsenGuest researcher Food Proteins +45 353-34376E-mail
Line Rokkedal JønssonResearch assistant Clinical Translational Metabolism  E-mail
Line Stattau BisgaardPostdoc Lipoprotein and Athoersclerosis Research +45 353-30798E-mail
Line Winther Waring StrømlundPhD student Gap Junction +45 353-30991E-mail
Lis FrandsenLaboratory technician The Metabolic Regulation Group +45 353-30761E-mail
Lisa Amalie GottliebResearch fellow Cardiac Electrophysiology  E-mail
Lisa Møller OlsenAcademic staff Clinical Translational Metabolism  E-mail
Lisa Møller OlsenMaster thesis student Clinical Translational Metabolism  E-mail
Lisbeth Meyer PetersenAcademic officer Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Lise Bluhme MikkelsenStudent Xlab  E-mail
Liying ZhangPhD student Membrane Protein Structural Biology  E-mail
Lola Julie TorzPhD student Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Lone Bagger ThielsenBioanalyst Gut hormones and Bone Remodeling +45 353-30793E-mail
Lonnie Grove PetersenPostdoc Act4Life  E-mail
Lotte Kellemann KristensenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-32993E-mail
Louise KochLaboratory technician Ion Channel Group +45 353-36704E-mail
Louise Julie SkovPhD student Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Louise Leth HeftingPhD student Ion Channel Group  E-mail
Louise Madeleine RisørGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Louise Rosenørn de la MotteGuest researcher Light Microscopy  
Luca SoattinPhD student Cardiac Physiology Laboratory  E-mail
Luke Dean CarrollPostdoc Protein Oxidation  E-mail
Luke Dean CarrollPostdoc Protein Oxidation +45 353-34563E-mail
Luke Francis GamonPostdoc Proteion Oxidation  E-mail
Mads Rosenkilde LarsenPostdoc Clinical Translational Metabolism +45 353-30701E-mail
Magnus AspingResearch assistant Xlab  E-mail
Maja Lind NyboPhD student Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Maja Storm EngelstoftPostdoc Thue W. Schwartz Group  
Makhala Michell KhammyPostdoc Ion Channel Group +45 353-31450E-mail
Malene Martini ClausenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-32941E-mail
Malte Mose TetensStudent Renal Hemodynamics  E-mail
Marcelo Javier PeroneGuest researcher Immuno-endocrinology Laboratory  E-mail
Mari Lilith LundGuest researcher Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Maria Hauge PedersenPhD student Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Maria Nordskov GabeResearch assistant Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Maria Nordskov GabePhD student Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Maria Zeiler AlfsenMaster thesis student Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 25 57 27 10
Marianne Dalsgaard KristensenPhD student XLAB +45 20 72 99 59E-mail
Marianne Gregers JohansenLaboratory technician Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Marianne Nissen LundAssociate professor Food Proteins +45 353-33547E-mail
Marie MadsenPhD student Lipoprotein and Athoersclerosis Research +45 353-26716E-mail
Marie TindborgGuest researcher Act4Life +45 60 16 10 43E-mail
Marie Winther-SørensenMaster thesis student Translational Metabolic Physiology  E-mail
Marie Aare BentsenPhD student Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Marie Balslev BackePhD student Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Marie Bølling KongstedBachelor student Ion Channel Group  
Marie Sophie Lykke Isidor   
Marie von Ahnen HagmanResearch assistant Xlab  E-mail
Marie Øbro FosbølGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Marina Simon MartinMaster thesis student Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Mark Alexander SkarsfeldtPhD student Ion Channel Group +45 353-30985E-mail
Mark Uhrskov JuulStudent assistant Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Marta Teresa IgnasiakPostdoc Protein Oxidation +45 353-37964E-mail
Martin Bæk PetersenPhD student Act4Life +45 353-30705E-mail
Martin Gram JensenPostdoc Xlab  E-mail
Martin Peter MadsenStudent Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Martin Zahle LarsenMaster thesis student Ion Channel Group  E-mail
Martina TamburelloVisiting Researcher Guest researcher  
Mathias Dyrberg LoftGuest researcher Cluster for molecular imaging +45 353-32997E-mail
Matilde Bro HansenLaboratory assistant Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-31958E-mail
Matthew Paul GillumAssistant professor Liver Metabolism and Metabolic Imaging  E-mail
Matthew Paul GillumAssistant professor Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Max SalomonssonAssociate professor   E-mail
Md Tamim Al JubairResearch assistant Membrane Protein Structural Biology  E-mail
Mette Høy JakobsenPhD student Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Mette Munk JensenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27262E-mail
Michael ChristiansenGuest researcher Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology  
Michael GraveResearch assistant beta Cell Biology +45 353-33077E-mail
Michael James JohnsonSenior adviser CFIM +45 93 58 86 41E-mail
Michael Jonathan DaviesProfessor Protein Oxidation +45 353-36977E-mail
Michael Taulo LundGuest researcher Xlab +45 353-30702E-mail
Michal Tomasz MarzecAssistant professor Immuno-endocrinology Laboratory +45 353-31284E-mail
Michala Cecilie Burstein PrausePostdoc Beta Cell Biology +45 353-30790E-mail
Michele MariottiPhD student Protein Oxidation  E-mail
Michelle Munk Lie-OlesenMaster thesis student Xlab  E-mail
Michelle Westergaard KaijerGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27256E-mail
Mie Linder HübbeGuest researcher Cluster for molecular imaging  E-mail
Mihnaz AziziStudent Ion Channel Group  
Mikkel FrostStudent Zach Gerhart-Hines Group  E-mail
Mikkel Thunestvedt HansenMaster thesis student Xlab  E-mail
Monika Yosifova SaltielMaster thesis student Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 50 23 48 80E-mail
Morten PerssonGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 61 26 22 18E-mail
Morten Bækgaard ThomsenAssociate professor Cardiac Electrophysiology +45 353-30988E-mail
Morten Holdgaard SmerupGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Morten Schak NielsenAssociate professor Gap Junction +45 353-27427E-mail
Morten Steen Salling OlesenAssociate professor Ion Channel Group +45 353-30753E-mail
Morten Toft LundMaster thesis student Cardiac Physiology Laboratory  E-mail
Motiejus MelynisStudent Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Nadia von SchoubyeGuest researcher Cardiac Physiology Laboratory +45 41 44 26 62E-mail
Nan ShuPhD student Protein Oxidation  E-mail
Nancy MutsaersLaboratory technician Ion Channel Group +45 353-30979E-mail
Neha SharmaPhD student Protein Oxidation  E-mail
Nicolai PaulsenSenior adviser Administration +45 353-34630E-mail
Nicolai Jacob Wewer AlbrechtsenPostdoc Gut hormones and Bone Remodeling +45 353-30485E-mail
Nicole SchmittAssociate professor Ion Channel Group +45 353-27448E-mail
Niels BindslevEmeritus Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 353-27429E-mail
Niels GrunnetEmeritus The Metabolic Regulation Group +45 353-30464E-mail
Niels-Henrik von Holstein-RathlouProfessor  +45 353-27408E-mail
Nikolaj Raahauge SpethStudent Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Nils BillestrupProfessor Beta Cell Biology +45 353-30460E-mail
Ninna Honoré BuchBioanalyst  +45 287-57396E-mail
Nora LinscheidResearch assistant Ion Channel Group +45 353-35478E-mail
Nynne Agergaard ReeckmannAcademic administrative officer Administration +45 353-31066E-mail
Ole FrederiksenGuest researcher  +45 353-27407E-mail
Ole Hartvig MortensenAssociate professor Nutrient Transport and Metabolism +45 353-30475E-mail
Olga RudenkoPostdoc Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Olga SosnovtsevaAssociate professor Biosimulation and Biophotonics +45 353-27469E-mail
Olivia Sveidahl JohansenStudent Zach Gerhart-Hines Group  
Palle KochEngineer The Metabolic Regulation Group +45 353-30292E-mail
Patricia Edim EdemGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Paul Joseph KempenPhD student Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Paul Meyer MaiAttendant Administration +45 353-26005E-mail
Pauline Natalie Seindal KniggeGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Pernille JuhlPhD student Protein Oxidation  E-mail
Pernille Landrock AuerbachGuest researcher MetLab +45 353-30995E-mail
Peter de Hemmer HorskjærStudent Immuno-endocrinology Laboratory  E-mail
Peter Grevsen ThamsAssociate professor Beta Cell Biology +45 353-30482E-mail
Pi Camilla PoulsenPhD student Ion Channel Group +45 353-31658E-mail
Pia Rengtved LundegaardPostdoc Ion Channel Group +45 353-30977E-mail
Pontus Emanuel GourdonAssociate professor Membrane Protein Structural Biology +45 50 33 99 90E-mail
Poul Bo NielsenIT staff Administration +45 287-57434E-mail
Qiaoxia HuGuest researcher Membrane Protein Structural Biology  E-mail
Rafel Simo VicensPhD student Ion Channel Group +45 71 50 19 30E-mail
Ragnhild Garborg ØstremGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Ragnhild Helene MostertAcademic staff Administration +45 353-30752E-mail
Randi Bonke MikkelsenPhD student Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Rasmus Hytting-AndreasenPhD student Gut Hormone Biology Lab  E-mail
Rasmus Sejersten RipaGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-26018E-mail
Rebecca Sue Main MyschetzkyGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27249E-mail
Regitze KraunsøeBioanalyst Xlab +45 353-30599E-mail
Reza YaraniPostdoc Billestrup Group  
Rikke Rejnholdt JensenMaster thesis student Beta Cell Biology +45 50 98 97 05E-mail
Rikke Yding BrogaardGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Rizky (Eqi) Suganda PrawiradilagaStudent Xlab  
Ronni Eg SahlResearch assistant Xlab  E-mail
Saereh Sørensen KhanamiriGuest researcher Ion Channel Group  E-mail
Samuel Addison Jack TrammellPostdoc Liver Metabolism and Metabolic Imaging +45 353-35601E-mail
Sanne Grundvad BoeltPostdoc Food Proteins +45 353-31756E-mail
Sara Hyldegaard LystbækLaboratory technician Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Sara Lind JepsenPhD student Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 353-34803E-mail
Sara Marthedal JørgensenBachelor student Protein Oxidation  E-mail
Sarina GadgaardStudent Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Sarina GadgaardStudent Mette Rosenkilde Group  
Seyed Mojtaba GhiasiPhD student Immuno-endocrinology Laboratory +45 353-32535E-mail
Shaida PanbachiStudent Cardiac Physiology Laboratory  E-mail
Signe RegnersgaardGuest researcher Xlab  E-mail
Signe TorängPhD student Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 353-27527E-mail
Signe Sørensen TorekovAssociate professor Clinical Translational Metabolism +45 353-27509E-mail
Sigurd Friis TruelsenGuest researcher Membrane Protein Structural Biology  
Simon BentsenGuest researcher Cluster for molecular Imaging  E-mail
Simon VeedfaldResearch assistant Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 353-30794E-mail
Simon Francis ThomsenProfessor Immuno-endocrinology Laboratory +45 26 13 98 38E-mail
Siriluck VanichkitrungruangResearch assistant Protein Oxidation +45 353-31514E-mail
Sisse Marquina-JongbergGuest researcher Food Proteins  E-mail
Sissel BisgaardGuest researcher Cluster for molecular imaging +45 353-33257E-mail
Siti Suriani Binti ArsadGuest researcher Food Proteins  E-mail
Siv Annegrethe HjorthGuest researcher Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Sofia Hammami BomholtzPostdoc Ion Channel Group +45 353-30749E-mail
Sofie Ellebæk PollmannGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Song HuangPhD student Beta Cell Biology  E-mail
Sophie MøllerPhD student Renal Hemodynamics +45 353-30982E-mail
Sophie Bjørn JensenStudent assistant Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Steen LarsenAssociate professor Xlab +45 27 14 43 69E-mail
Steen Seier PoulsenAssociate professor Light Microscopy +45 353-27253E-mail
Stefan HajnyPhD fellow   
Stefan HajnyPhD student Lipoprotein and Athoersclerosis Research  E-mail
Stefan Michael SattlerGuest researcher Cardiac Physiology Laboratory  E-mail
Stephanie Sarah KlinkWeb and communication officer Administration +45 353-34391E-mail
Stine Dahl VestResearch student Xlab  E-mail
Stine Dam SøndergårdPhD student Xlab +45 21 64 36 34E-mail
Stine Lindberg VedersøLaboratory technician Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Stine Ninel HansenGuest researcher Zach Gerhart-Hines Group  E-mail
Sune Stausgaard-PetersenAssistant engineer Administration +45 353-30771E-mail
Sune Dandanell JørgensenResearch assistant Xlab +45 353-30597E-mail
Sune Folke PedersenPostdoc Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27290E-mail
Susanna SøbergResearch assistant Liver Metabolism and Metabolic Imaging  E-mail
Susanne HummelgaardBioanalyst Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Susanne Nørskov SørensenLaboratory technician Cardiac Physiology Laboratory +45 23 84 01 09E-mail
Svend Lohmann   E-mail
Søren-Peter OlesenProfessor Ion Channel Group +45 20 28 97 06E-mail
Tanja Xenia PedersenAssociate professor Lipoprotein and Athoersclerosis Research +45 353-30984E-mail
Tao MaGuest researcher Zach Gerhart-Hines Group  E-mail
Therese JanssonGuest researcher Food Proteins  E-mail
Therese Hornstrup BondebjergGuest researcher Xlab  E-mail
Thi Ai DiepAssistant professor Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Thomas DalsgaardPostdoc Ion Channel Group +45 353-37980E-mail
Thomas EngstrømGuest researcher Gap Junction  E-mail
Thomas JespersenProfessor with special responsibilities Cardiac Physiology Laboratory +45 24 80 51 90E-mail
Thomas JonassenAssociate professor Cardiac Physiology Laboratory +45 353-27616E-mail
Thomas Mandrup-PoulsenProfessor Immuno-endocrinology Laboratory +45 353-27254E-mail
Thomas RasmussenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Thomas Andrew JeppsAssistant professor Ion Channel Group +45 353-30972E-mail
Thomas Emil ChristensenPhD student Cluster for molecular imaging  E-mail
Thomas Hartig BraunsteinSenior adviser CFIM +45 353-27541E-mail
Thomas Hoffmann MorvillePhD student Xlab +45 29 60 28 91E-mail
Thomas Levin KlausenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  
Thomas Nyegaard BeckBioanalyst Xlab +45 353-30998E-mail
Thorkil PlougAssociate professor MetLab +45 353-27435E-mail
Thorkil Helge ChristensenGuest researcher   E-mail
Tina BinderupGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-27533E-mail
Tina DahlbyPhD student Immuno-endocrinology Laboratory +45 353-30777E-mail
Tina FløyelPostdoc Billestrup Group  
Tina NyboPhD student Protein Oxidation +45 353-34090E-mail
Tine WilleLaboratory technician Billestrup Group  
Tine Lovsø DohlmannPhD student Xlab +45 353-30898E-mail
Tine Nøhr ChristensenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Triantafyllos ZachariasPhD student Protein Oxidation  E-mail
Trine Bjørnbo LarsenGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Trisha Jean GrevengoedPostdoc Liver Metabolism and Metabolic Imaging  E-mail
Troels Elmer JeppesenPhD student Cluster for Molecular Imaging +45 353-30361E-mail
Tue RømerMaster thesis student Xlab  E-mail
Tulika AroraPostdoc Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Vadym TkachAcademic officer Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Veronica Lykke GrøndahlGuest researcher Cluster for molecular imaging  E-mail
Vibeke RønnGuest researcher Cluster for Molecular Imaging  E-mail
Wei LiGuest researcher Adipocyte Biology  E-mail
Wei LiGuest researcher Adipocyte Biology  E-mail
Wijnand Jacobus C van der VeldenGuest researcher Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Yunyun LuoPhD student Beta Cell Biology  E-mail
Zhifei ChenPhD student Protein Oxidation +45 71 48 80 48E-mail
Zhila NikroziLaboratory technician CFIM +45 353-30788E-mail
Zoe Lauren Anderson-JenkinsResearch assistant Ion Channel Group +45 353-31256E-mail