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Thomas Andrew Jepps

Thomas Andrew Jepps

Assistant professor

I am a highly skilled researcher with expertise in isometric tension recordings, electrophysiology, immunostaining and microscopy, proximity ligation assays, quantitative PCR and Western blotting. I have been able to use my plethora of skills in the lab to produce several publications in prestigious journals in our field, such as Circulation and Hypertension. Since becoming an independent research fellow in 2014, I have published papers on KCNE4 in the vasculature (Jepps et al., 2015, Abbott and Jepps 2016), the role of micro RNAs in different arteries (Carr et al., 2016), the contribution of TASK channels in the heart (Skarsfeldt et al., 2016) and characterizing the effects of different Kv7 activators in the vasculature (Jepps et al., 2014). My work as an independent researcher is now recognized on an international level, highlighted by several invitations to present my latest research at multiple international conferences and departmental seminars.

Current research

Cardiovascular disease is the single biggest killer worldwide, and it is especially prevalent in developed countries such as Denmark, UK and the United States. Vascular dysfunction is related to arteries becoming narrower and less responsive to dilators. It is well established that K+ ion efflux from smooth muscle cells through K+ channels limits the contractility of the smooth muscle cells that drive changes in arterial diameter. Consequently, any modification in the function and expression of the K+ ion channels has a significant impact on the contractile activity of the smooth muscle.

My work is concerned with defining the vascular impact of specific regulatory mechanisms that influence vascular ion channels, particularly K+ channel. The two areas in which I am predominantly focused are the KCNE ancillary subunits and microtubules in smooth muscle cells. 

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