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Bente Merete Stallknecht

Bente Merete Stallknecht

Professor with special responsibilities

  • Section of Systems Biology Research

    Panum Instituttet, Blegdamsvej 3, 2200 København N, 12.4, Building: 12

    Phone: +45 35 32 75 40Mobile: +45 28 75 75 40Fax: +45 35 32 74 20

Primary fields of research

My main research areas are physical activity and obesity. My vision is to prevent metabolic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and to reestablish metabolic health in individuals in Denmark and worldwide. My mission is based on thorough pathophysiological and interdisciplinary research to develop valid and robust health strategies promoting physical activity in different domains of everyday life.

I personally value high academic standards, diversity and a working environment that combines an ambitious and a social atmosphere. I have headed 3 larger intervention studies: “Bed rest”, “Training per se” and “FINE” and currently serve as the daily scientific head of the “UCPH Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research (2016)” initiative “Governing Obesity”.

At present my research is focused on dose-response effects of endurance training on appetite regulation, energy balance and insulin sensitivity in overweight men. 


I have been Head of Studies for the Biomedical Engineering education at UCPH since 2007 and Course Manager of “Human Biology and Diseases” since 2002. I teach the subject endocrinology.

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