Center for Medical Research Methodology

The Center for Research Methodology (CMRM) focuses on coordinated research and teaching within medical research methodology. The mission of CMRM is to enhance undergraduate and postgraduate skills and to stimulate interest in educational and career opportunities for health sciences candidates with respect to clinical and translational research as well as drug development and testing.

Research activity among medical students is increasing, and many medical students engage in full- or part-time research during their medical training, for example in the form of a research sabbatical, as part of their Bachelor or Master’s projects or as an ad hoc research project at a theoretical or clinical department. Particularly, the opportunity to perform or take part in an original research project during the whole-semester Master’s project has gained popularity. Further, a majority of newly graduates from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences consider engaging in a future PhD project. It is therefore imperative that medical students learn and become interested in medical research, and that medical research methodology becomes an integral part of the undergraduate and postgraduate medical training in order to facilitate sound and valuable research throughout the preclinical and clinical disciplines.

























Simon Francis Thomsen

Head of CMRM
Simon F. Thomsen

+45 26139838