Beatrice Choi

Beatrice Choi


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    I am originally from the province of Québec in Canada and it is where I did my MSc and PhD in molecular medicine, at Université Laval in Québec City. During my PhD I did mainly in vivo studies and had the opportunity to do research stays abroad at McMaster University and at the University of Gothenburg. I defended my thesis entitled Nutritional Interventions in context of Obesity – Focus on the Gut Microbiota in 2021 after which I moved to Copenhagen for a contract at CBMR (Center for Basic Metabolic Research) working on characterizing natural AMPK activators on primary hepatocytes, before starting as a postdoc fellow in the Nutritional Immunology group in 2022.

    I am interested in host-microbe interactions, with a particular focus on the gut-liver axis and a gut-brain axis in contexts of localized or chronic inflammation. My current objective is to bridge my knowledge and expertise in the field of metabolism to applications in the field of immunometabolism in a translational mindset.

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