Anne Sophie Schou

Anne Sophie Schou


I grew up in Northern Sealand, and lived in Northern Jutland for almost ten years, where I got my BSc and MSc degree in industrial medicine from Aalborg University in Aalborg and afterwards worked as scientist for four years at Department of Clinical Immunology, Aalborg University Hospital. In winter 2022 I was employed at the Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Biomedical Sciences, Copenhagen University and got joint-collaboration between latter and Department of Nutritional Immunology, Biomedical Sciences, Copenhagen University. During my education and scientific employment, I have worked within the broad field of immunological science, mainly in vitro studies incl. chemotaxis, receptor signaling and a series of immune-based assays.

I am doing a PhD project, within a great personal interest of mine, focusing on the homology of immune cells. The aim is to understand and modify the interplay between the gut microbiota, natural defense peptides and innate as well as adaptive immune response.

My scientific approach is to obtain a throughout deep understanding of the immune modulating role natural defense peptides possess, through the combination of in vitro assays performed in the Molecular Pharmacology lab and in vivo experiments performed in the lab facilities associated to Nutritional Immunology at Copenhagen University.

ID: 291517994