Center for Medical Research Methodology – University of Copenhagen

The Center for Medical Research Methodology (CMRM) is devoted to reinforcing medical research methodology as an academic discipline, and to strengthen teaching and education in medical research methodology at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The CMRM is not intended as a duplication of medical scientific theory or decision theory, but as an independent area of clinical and basic research.

This is due to the fact that research activity among medical students is increasing, and the majority of medical students engage in full- or part-time research during their medical training, for example as part of their bachelor or master’s projects or as part of a research year or VKO-master’s project . At present, more than 10% of all newly graduates have completed a research year at the Faculty of Health Sciences, and 75% consider engaging in a future PhD project.

Therefore, it is imperative that medical students learn and become interested in medical research, and that medical research methodology becomes an integral part of the undergraduate and postgraduate medical training in order to facilitate sound and valuable research throughout the preclinical and clinical disciplines.