Choice of medium affects PBMC quantification, cell size, and downstream respiratory analysis

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High-resolution respirometry (HRR) can assess PBMC bioenergetics, but no standardized medium for PBMC preparation and HRR analysis exist. Here, we study the effect of four different media (MiR05, PBS, RPMI, Plasmax) on quantification, size, and HRR analysis (Oxygraph-O2k) of intact PBMCs. Remarkably, PBMC quantification was 21% higher in MiR05 than PBS and Plasmax, and 28% higher than in RPMI, causing O2 flux underestimation during HRR due to inherent adjustments. Moreover, smaller cell size of PBMCs and aggregation was observed in MiR05. We suggest optimization of HRR with a standardized, plasma-like medium for future HRR analysis of intact PBMCs.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages19
Publication statusPublished - 2022

ID: 333811989