Jens Christian Brings Jacobsen

Jens Christian Brings Jacobsen

Associate Professor

My primary research interest is the interaction between structure and function of the body's smallest blood vessels and arterial blood pressure.

  • How does blood pressure influence the structure of the smallest blood vessels and, conversely, how does the microcirculation influence the size of the arterial blood pressure?

  • How does the body ensure that the microcirculation continuously can meet the changing needs of the tissue?

Primary fields of research

  • Computer models of microvessels.

  • Structural adaptation in vascular networks.

  • Simulation of individual vascular cells and groups of cells.


  • Respiratory physiology

  • Physiology of the gastro-intestinal tract

  • Regulation of metabolism

  • Hormonal systems and reproduction

  • Modelling of physiological systems

Current research

I work with models of flow is regulated in the tissues and with models of how the microcirculation (the body's smallest blood vessels) affects the arterial blood pressure. In addition, I work with models of the cells that make up the wall of the small blood vessels; how such cells respond to external and internal stimuli and how they communicate and synchronize. All projects are carried out in collaboration with other researchers and students.

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