Julien Ochala

Julien Ochala

Associate Professor - Promotion Programme

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    Since starting as a group leader in 2010, I have set up a productive and expanding research laboratory. In 2020, I have gathered a H-index of 26 with 61 peer-reviewed publications in journals such as Nature Reviews Neurology, Development, PNAS, Annals of Neurology or Acta Neuropathologica. Additionally, besides acting as external examiner for PhD theses, senior editor (Experimental Physiology and Frontiers in Physiology) or referee for scientific journals and funding bodies, I have regularly been invited to give research seminars at institutions including Institute of Myology in Paris, UCSD and University of Edinburgh.


    Primary fields of research

    My research focuses on the understanding of the regulation of muscle contraction in health and disease (at the cellular and molecular levels). To achieve this, my laboratory uses animal models and human tissue together with a portfolio of techniques ranging from single molecule biophysics to whole muscle physiology and from X-ray diffraction to high-resolution confocal microscopy allowing deep mechanistic studies 


    Current research

    Current questions include:

    1. How has the regulation of sarcomeric function evolved?

    2. How do sarcomeric proteins induce/respond to muscle diseases?

    3. How does sarcomeric dysregulation remodel muscle cell architecture and metabolism?

    4. Are sarcomeric proteins a good drug target?

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