Exercise, metabolism and muscle in Xlab

Research focus

We focus on Human Integrative Physiology in Health and Disease. We make every effort to understand the metabolic and muscle remodelling behind exercise training, physical activity and diseases- from the whole body across organs, tissues, and cells to the intracellular environment.

We specifically study:

  • Metabolic, cardiovascular and muscle regulations 
  • The whole body: across regions and organs, tissue and cells
  • The morphology, integrity and function of organelles and muscle fibres
  • The molecular signalling pathways and metabolic processes
  • The intracellular compartmentalization as regulators of metabolic pathways
  • The proteins (expression, location, functionality and abundance) in a systems biology approach.

We use:

  • State of the art techniques in metabolic, muscle & cardiovascular research, as well as biochemical, immunochemical, biophysical and molecular biology analyses.

 We focus on:

  • Human physiology/pathophysiology and carry out advanced phenotyping in healthy subjects and patients, young and old
  • Developing new methods to use high resolution light microscopy as a research tool in human physiology.

We collaborate with:

  • Clinical research groups to study human liver, heart, skeletal muscle and/or visceral adipose tissue obtained in clinical trials
  • Research groups that utilize animal experimental models, including horses, pigs, rats and mice
  • Life Sciences industry.

















































































































































































































Xlab secretary

Jacqueline van Hall

Phone: +45 3532 7423


Senior researchers in Xlab

Name Title Phone E-mail
Flemming Dela Professor +45 353-27425 Email
Jørn Wulff Helge Professor +45 287-57506 Email
Clara Prats Associate professor +45 353-30706 Email
Steen Larsen Associate professor +45 211-51924 Email
Julien Ochala Associate professor Email

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Abigail Mackey Associate professor +45 38 63 53 66 E-mail
Alexander Kamp Sonne PhD student   E-mail
Anders Emil Petersen Ibh Bachelor student   E-mail
Arthur Ingersen PhD student   E-mail
Benjamin Sebastian Graungaard Student   E-mail
Cecilie Holmgaard Andersen Master student   E-mail
Christian Høgsbjerg Master student   E-mail
Christina Alexandersen Scholarship student   E-mail
Christina Gallø Schioldann Nielsen Master student   E-mail
Elise Julie Melhedegaard Thomsen PhD student +45 29 45 96 86 E-mail
Eloise Kate Tarry Master student   E-mail
Emilie Ahmt Petersen Master student   E-mail
Eva Frederikke Høy Helms Research assistant   E-mail
Hanne K. Rasmusen -   E-mail
Ida Blom Master student   E-mail
Ida Cintin de Aguiar Student   E-mail
Ida Marie Dahlgaard Hansen Master thesis student   E-mail
Jacob Frandsen PhD student   E-mail
Jacqueline van Hall Research group secretary +45 353-27423 E-mail
Jenni Marjaana Laitila Visiting Researcher   E-mail
Jeppe Bach Bioanalyst +45 353-27576 E-mail
Johanne Louise Modvig Bachelor student   E-mail
Jonathan Kofoed Hansen Bachelor student   E-mail
Jonathan Riber Hedetoft Røder Master student   E-mail
Julie Fensmark Wismann Master thesis student   E-mail
Karina Louise Skov Husted PhD fellow +45 28 12 79 45 E-mail
Kristine Kjær Lange Master student   E-mail
Kristine Madsen Visiting Researcher   E-mail
Linn Maria Ellinor Gillberg Postdoc   E-mail
Lucas de Oliveira Petrocchi Ribas Student +310638129949 E-mail
Malte Schmücker Academic staff   E-mail
Maria Hansen PhD student   E-mail
Mathias Flensted-Jensen Master thesis student   E-mail
Mike Cadovius Olsen Master student   E-mail
Mikkel Lundgren Petersen Bachelor student   E-mail
Nida Ghauri Master student   E-mail
Rannvá Dahl PhD student   E-mail
Regitze Kraunsøe Bioanalyst +45 353-30599 E-mail
Ronni Eg Sahl PhD student   E-mail
Sofie Ahrens Hesselager Bachelor student   E-mail
Sofie Buurgaard Lionett Visiting Researcher   E-mail
Sofie Greve Vestergaard PhD student   E-mail
Søren Halkjær Lohse Povlsen   E-mail
Thomas Nyegaard Beck Bioanalyst   E-mail
Tine Alkjær Associate professor +45 287-57216 E-mail
Tobias Have Thorngreen Student   E-mail

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