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Our research is focused on Human Exercise Physiology & Metabolism - in Health and Disease.

  • We study the effects of exercise and physical training on metabolism and cardiovascular regulation.
  • We study the whole body: across regions and organs, tissue and cells.
  • At the cellular level we study how the morphology and integrity of organelles affect regulation of cellular signaling pathways and metabolic processes, and the role of intracellular compartmentalization of cellular events as regulators of metabolic pathways.
  • In organelles we study single proteins (expression, location, functionality and abundance) and proteins with a systems biology approach.
  • We use state of the art techniques in metabolic & cardiovascular research, as well as biochemical, immunochemical and molecular biology analyses.
  • Our research has also in the last year focused on developing new methods to use high resolution light microscopy as a research tool in human physiology.

Research areas

AktivitetTraining and physical activity

The research concentrates on muscle lipids, insulin sensitivity and substrate metabolism. Read more about "Training and physical activity"

Mitochondrial physiology

The research concerns performing high quality and through measures of the mitochondrial functionality  Read more about "Mitochondrial physiology"

Compartmentalized Metabolism

The research focuses on identifying potential alterations of muscle metabolic state, morphology and/or impairments of intra-cellular compartmentalized GASMITO projektprocesses. Read more about "Compartmentalized Metabolism"

Exercise is Medicine – In a world of Pharmacology

This line of research deals with the interaction between pharmacological treatment of prevalent diseases (elevated blood cholesterol, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes) and Exercise training as treatment modality which may interact, or potentiate, pharmacological treatment.