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Xlab logoOur research is based on Human Exercise Physiology & Metabolism - in Health and Disease.

  • We study the effects of exercise and physical training on metabolism and cardiovascular regulation.
  • We study the whole body, across regions and organs, to tissue and cells.
  • In cells we study morphology and compartmentalization of sub cellular organelles and substrates.
  • In organelles we study single proteins (expression, functionality and abundance) and proteins with a systems biology approach.
  • We use state of the art techniques in metabolic & cardiovascular research, as well as biochemical and molecular biology analyses.

Research areas

AktivitetPhysical activity

The research concentrates on muscle lipids, insulin sensitivity and substrate metabolism. Read more

Mitochondrial physiology

The research concerns performing high quality and through measures of the mitochondrial functionality  Read more

Compartmentalized Metabolism

The research focuses on identifying potential alterations of muscle metabolic state, morphology and/or impairments of intra-cellular compartmentalized GASMITO projektprocesses. Read more


This project centers the mechanisms behind the effects of surgical gastric bypass on skeletal muscle metabolism. Read more

Interdisciplinary research

Lifestat logo
is an interdisciplinary research projecwhich Xlab is a part of. The project is headed by Professor Flemming Dela.

The LIFESTAT project will be ending in 2017 and in that connection, a newspaper entitled "Livet på statiner" has been published. The purpose of the newspaper is to provide an easy and clear insight into some of the results that LIFESTAT researchers have found during the course of the project.

Read the newspaper (in Danish)