Carolyn F. Deacon

Carolyn F. Deacon

Associate Professor

  1. 2019
  2. Published

    Effects of Acute GLP-1 Infusion on Pulmonary and Systemic Hemodynamics in Patients With Heart Failure: A Pilot Study

    Clarke, S. J., Pettit, S., Giblett, J. P., Zhao, T., Kydd, A. C., Albrechtsen, Nicolai Jacob Wewer, Deacon, Carolyn F., Parameshwar, J. & Hoole, S. P., 2019, In : Clinical Therapeutics. 41, 1, p. 118-127 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

  3. Published

    Paracrine Crosstalk between Intestinal L- and D-cells Controls Secretion of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 in mice

    Jepsen, Sara Lind, Grunddal, K. V., Albrechtsen, Nicolai Jacob Wewer, Engelstoft, M. S., Gabe, Maria Buur Nordskov, Jensen, E. P., Ørskov, Cathrine, Poulsen, Steen Seier, Rosenkilde, M. M., Pedersen, J., Gribble, F. M., Reimann, F., Deacon, Carolyn F., Schwartz, Thue W., Christ, A. D., Martin, R. E. & Holst, Jens Juul, 2019, In : American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism. 317, 6, p. E1081-E1093

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

  4. Published

    Physiology and Pharmacology of DPP-4 in Glucose Homeostasis and the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

    Deacon, Carolyn F., 2019, In : Frontiers in Endocrinology. 10, 14 p., 80.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview

  5. Published
  6. Published

    Sacubitril/Valsartan Augments Postprandial Plasma Concentrations of Active GLP-1 When Combined With Sitagliptin in Men

    Albrechtsen, Nicolai Jacob Wewer, Mark, P. D., Terzic, D., Hansen, L. H., Andersen, U. Ø., Hartmann, Bolette, Carr, R. D., Gustafsson, Finn, Deacon, Carolyn F., Holst, Jens Juul, Goetze, Jens P. & Plomgaard, Peter Stendahl, 2019, In : Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 104, 9, p. 3868-3876

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article

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