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Julie Courraud

Julie Courraud


Medlem af:

    As both a Pharmacist and a Doctor in nutrition, I believe that a comprehensive approach of non-communicable diseases is essential to fight their increasing prevalence. Nutritional and lifestyle interventions, although hard to implement, often seem to be the most efficient way to improve patients’ quality of life, functional ability, and sometimes prognostic. Yet, such interventions need to be designed in relation with the evidence coming from basic science. Imbued with this idea, I have chosen to experience both basic and clinical research during and after my PhD in France. I am now happy to work in translational research at the University of Copenhagen and to further investigate the impact of lifestyle interventions on lipid metabolism.

    Aktuel forskning

    I work on intramuscular lipid metabolism. Ectopic fat depots have been shown to play a role in the development of insulin resistance and I am focusing on intramuscular adipose tissue. Using both biochemical and microscopic approaches, I aim to characterise this tissue. A better understanding of its regulation, especially in case of metabolic disorders such as diabetes or obesity, will help designing new therapeutic strategies for the patients.

    Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

    Teaching of students in courses

    • 2015            5th year pharmacy students            University of Montpellier I; 3-hr sessions, 8 times (Management of research projects, applications to call for projects, scientific watch and bibliography management)
    • 2013-2014   PhD students                                Doctoral college; 3-hr session, 2 times per year (Scientific watch and bibliography management)
    • 2013              5th year pharmacy students            University of Montpellier I; 1-hr lecture (nutrition)
    • 2012-2013   2nd year agronomy students           University SupAgro; 4-hr session, 4 times per year (nutrition)

    Teaching of dieticians

    • 2014       Medical writing and reading, Montpellier Cancer Institute ; 2-hr sessions, 8 times
    • 2013       Scientific watch and bibliography management, Fresenius Kabi laboratory; 3-hr session, 2 times

    Teaching and training of other colleagues (residents, statisticians, physicians…)

    • 2014       Scientific watch and bibliography management; 1-hr conference
    • 2013       Scientific watch and bibliography management, Montpellier Cancer Institute; 3-hr sessions, 2 times
    • 2009-2013   Medical toxicology and pharmacology analysis techniques for night shifts (pre-treatment of biological samples, chromatography, immunochemistry, etc.), every 6 months

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