29 January 2020

Two professors from BMI receive funding for organizing conferences

Professors Mette Rosenkilde and Nicole Schmitt are among 13 researchers who received funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for organizing conferences, symposia and workshops.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded a total of DKK 3.8 million with the aim of enabling researchers to hold interdisciplinary scientific conferences, symposia and workshops at universities and hospitals in Denmark.

Adhesion GPCR workshop 2020

Professor Mette Rosenkilde receives DKK 444,500 for the four-day international 10th Adhesion GPCR Workshop. The workshop will bring together established and emerging scientists in the field of Adhesion GPCR research and their vast diversity of biological functions and intriguing signaling mechanisms. The 2020 meeting will continue the tradition of this informal workshop with scientists from all over the world.

Three-day conference on Cardiac Arrhythmia to be held in May 2021

Professor Nicole Schmitt receives DKK 354,380 for an international three-day conference on Cardiac Arrhythmia to be held in May 2021 at the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The conference will cover latest cardiac arrhythmia research bridging from the molecular players to cardiac arrhythmia mechanisms and new therapeutic approaches. Leading international scientists and younger researchers will present front-line research and PhD students and postdocs will have the opportunity to engage and hence shape their future research. The conference will be a framework for networking between participants both within the local community and internationally.

Read more about the grants at the Novo Nordisk Foundation website