29 January 2020

From 1 January, Kristine Færch will be professor at Department of Biomedical Sciences

New at the Department

Kristine Færch, who is currently research leader for Pathophysiology & Prevention, Clinical Epidemiology at Steno Diabetes Center (SDCC), will start a professorship at Department of Biomedical Sciences from 1 January.

Kristine FærchFrom January 2020, the Department’s research in prevention of diabetes will be strengthened, as Kristine Færch who is currently research leader at SDCC will start as professor in diabetes prevention at Department of Biomedical Sciences.

“I look forward to getting closer to the study environment at University of Copenhagen. The professorship gives me a unique opportunity to combine highly specialized research with teaching and research dissimination of relevance to society. In my new position, I will focus on establishing a collaboration between sectors, professions, and fields of research for the benefit of citizens at risk of getting diabetes,” says Kristine Færch.

Among other things, Kristine Færch’s research concentrates on how pre-diabetes develops into type-2 diabetes and how to prevent this development. She has recently started a large study, RESET, that examines the effect of weight loss, appetite and blood sugar by eating within a certain time of the day. In connection to this, she has also taken initiative to establish an international network where researchers discuss the newest knowledge of the so-called limited-time eating.

The professorship is a shared position, where Kristine Færch is employed with 25 percent research and teaching responsibility at the University of Copenhagen. The remaining 75 pct. of her employment she will continue as research leader at SDCC.

“I am looking forward to welcoming Kristine Færch to the Department from January 2020. Kristine will be working closely with the other groups within the research theme ‘Endocrinology and Metabolism’ and she is already collaborating with among others, Professors Signe Sørensen Torekov and Jens Juul Holst. Kristine’s shared position will for sure strengthen BMI’s collaboration with the clinic in the field of diabetes and metabolism,” says Head of Department Cathrine Ørskov.

Kristine Færch will give an inauguration lecture in the spring of 2020.