30 November 2021

Associate Professor Lykke Sylow has received the Erhoff Foundation's Talent Award 2021


Lykke Sylow is this year's recipient of the Erhoff Foundation's Scientific Talent Award 2021, which is a personal gift of honour of DKK 50,000.

Lykke Sylow receives award from Oluf Borbye Pedersen

The prize is awarded to an extremely talented researcher under the age of 40 with extensive and original scientific contributions in the field of biomedical research. The Erhoff Foundation concludes in the motivation for awarding the prize “As a young researcher, Lykke Sylow has shown an impressive initiative and international format in molecular biological and physiological research into the causes of disorders of muscle metabolism in patients with diabetes and cancer. She is highly qualified to receive the honorary award from the Erhoff Foundation. ” The entire motivation (in Danish) can be read on the Erhoff Foundation's website

The award ceremony took place at a ceremony at the Carlsberg Academy on November 29, 2021.