01 May 2019

Associate Professor Cathrine Ørskov will be Head of Department at BMI

Department News

After less than a year as acting head of department, Associate Professor Cathrine Ørskov takes on the full role as head of the Department of Biomedical Sciences on 1 May.

Cathrine Ørskov looks forward to keeping the things that work, charting a sustainable course for the department and making sure that all members of staff thrive as part of a university that is changing rapidly. 
‘At BMI, we currently focus on developing alongside the rest of the university, ensuring that we, also in the long term, have what it takes to be a strong department. Among other things, this means that we need to retain and attract talent. The department is currently seeing a generational shift, and we have to find the right young people who can contribute with excellent research and teaching that complements the existing team’, says Cathrine Ørskov.
Cathrine Ørskov, who has management experience from Novo Nordisk A/S, considers it an advantage to have acted as temporary head of department:
‘The transition from the academic to the administrative environment is a great change. I consider my role an indirect way of contributing to research and teaching. I will not be doing any research or teaching, but I will set the course for the department. And I look forward to getting started’, she says. 
Dean Ulla Wewer also looks forward to Cathrine Ørskov’s work as head of department:
‘I already know Cathrine for her good work as acting head of department. Now I look forward to continuing our good working relationship’.
Since 2016 Cathrine Ørskov has been employed as a researcher and teacher at BMI within endocrinology and metabolism. And she has acted as temporary head of department since Bente Stallknecht resigned the post on 1 August 2018.