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Nicole Schmitt

Nicole Schmitt

Professor with special responsibilities

Primary fields of research

My research is focused on the impact of mutations, molecular regulatory mechanisms and accessory subunits on the function of ion channel complexes.

My research aims at understanding mechanisms leading to ion channel diseases. To this end, I study the function of ion channels in the cellular context, i.e. I address (i) how these proteins work, (ii) how they exert their physiological role at the correct place with the right interaction partners, (iii) how they are regulated, and (iv) how they can be (pharmacologically) manipulated.

  • Structure/function analysis of voltage-gated potassium channels
  • Molecular basis of channelopathies
  • Elucidation of protein-protein interactions within macromolecular channel protein complexes
  • Methodical focus on molecular biology and protein-biochemistry

Fields of interest

  • Physiology of ion channel complexes
  • Academic leadership


  • Main supervisor of undergraduate and graduate students (accomplished Master thesis projects: 3, Bachelor thesis projects: 16)
  • Supervisor of PhD projects (at present main supervisor for three, past project supervisor for five PhD students)
  • Lectures, classroom teaching and courses at undergraduate and graduate level in the study courses Molecular Biomedicine, Human Biology, Biology, Medicine, Biomedical Engineering
  • Organizer of several PhD courses

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