Seyed Mojtaba Ghiasi

Seyed Mojtaba Ghiasi

Guest researcher

Current research

Recent Research Summary (04/2014-06/2018):

My current postdoctoral research (Nov 2018-Nov 2019) in the Prof. Ivana Novak Lab (Dept. of Biology, UCPH) has been focused on 1) development of a high-throughput reporter assay for monitoring extracellular ATP using genetically engineered ATP sensor on the cell membrane and 2) investigating the molecular mechanisms by which glucolipotoxicity causes ATP release into extracellular islet microenvironment using functional genomics and this FRET-based reporter assay in pancreatic beta cell, rodent and donated human islet live imaging. 

Within my PhD research (second) focused on understanding molecular mechanisms of inflammatory and metabolic damages in pancreatic beta cells from April 2014-June2018 in the Prof. Thomas Mandrup-Poulsen Lab (BMI, UCPH) and ended up to publications in the following areas of pancreatic beta cell biology:

1.            RNA metabolism in inflammatory and metabolic stresses

2.            Inflammasome complex contribution to dysfunction and death of pancreatic beta cells

3.            Pharmacological intervention of gap-junction modifying targets in pancreatic beta cells

4.            The role of chaperons in insulin folding

Past Research Summary (2007-2012):

Due to my post master experience in viral immunology and genetics with focusing on arboviruses and hemorrhagic fever viruses in Pasteur Institute (National Reference Lab and WHO collaborating center), I aimed in my PhD project (first PhD) to make a transgenic plant expressing CCHF Virus glycoprotein and develop an edible vaccine against the virus, thus I got expertise in humanizing transgenic plants for expression of viral glycoproteins and further study on viral immune responses.

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