Peter Johannes Holst

Peter Johannes Holst

Guest Researcher

Member of:

  • EXPVACC/LEV team

Research theme:

The development of effective vaccines and immunotherapies for chronic infections and cancer

Research approach:

Stipulation of potential effective immune mechanisms for prophylaxis against HIV followed by technology development to stimulate such responses

Technological starting point is typically virus-vectored-vaccines which acts as delivery vehicles for encoded immunogenic payload

Modifications are introduced in either viral vector or the encoded payload. Depending on the obtained effects technologies may then be applied towards HIV models or used against other pathogens and/or cancer.

Current research

•Virus-like-vaccines– Viruses are engineered to encode Virus-Like-particles to stimulate all arms of the adaptive immune system

•Subdominant antigens as vaccine targets for chronic infections – vaccines are designed to stimulate potent immune responses against pathogen fragments that are not naturally immunogenic. Such vaccines achieve synergy with the infection triggered immune response

•Enhanced vaccines inducing cellular immunity to eliminate chronic papillomavirus infection from those already infected

•Vaccines optimized for oligomeric antigen secretion and stimulation of helper T cells to increase immune response breadth toward virus and parasite infections


Fields of interest

•Effective immunity towards chronic infection

•Interplay between vaccines and infection that synergize or worsens protection

•Targeting of cancer with vaccines inducing T cells, antibodies and immune checkpoint blockade


Possible conflicts of interest

Funder and primary owner of InProTher ApS - InProTher pursues vaccines and immunotherapy against HIV, papillomaviruses and cancer

Collaboration with three different biotech companies on cancer immune modulation and

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