Charlotte Mehlin Sørensen

Charlotte Mehlin Sørensen

Associate Professor

Present position

  • Associate professor; Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, Div. of Renal and Vascular Physiology University of Copenhagen

Previous positions

  • 2007-2011: Assistant professor; Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

  • 2006-2007: Research Scientist, Discovery Project leader; Zealand Pharma A/S                   

  • 2006: Assistant professor; Dept. of Medical Physiology, Div. of Renal and Vascular Physiology

  • 2005: Assistant professor; Dept. of Pharmacology, Div. of Cardiovascular and Renal Pharmacology      


  • 2004:; Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen

  • 1999: M.Sc. (human biology); Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen

  • 1996: B.Sc. (Biology); Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen



  • PhD students, Bachelor Students, Master Students, Research Year Students


Selected Research Administration and Presentations:

  • 2011-: Co-organizer Cardiovascular Physiology (PhD course)

  • 2010: Oral presentation; Experimental Biology (FASEB) Anaheim, USA

  • 2008: Seminars; Louisiana State Universiy Health and Science Center and Tulane Renal and Vascular Workshop, New Orleans, USA

  • 2006: Chairman; Danish Cardiovascular Research Academy Summer Meeting, Sandbjerg, Denmark

  • 2002: Oral presentation; Danish Society of Hypertension, Vejle Denmark

  • 2001: Oral presentation; Joint Congress of Scandinavian and German Physiological Societies, Berlin



  • 2008-: Reviewer; American Journal of Physiology, “Cell Physiology”; “Heart and Circulatory Physiology”; Microvascular Research, Journal of Applied Physiology and Acta Physiologica



  • American Physiological Society

  • Biological Society

  • Danish Hypertension Society

  • Scandinavian Physiological Society

  • Danish Cardiovascular Research Academy (DaCRA)

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