Bjørn Quistorff
Bjørn Quistorff
  • Translational Metabolic Physiology

Title: Professor, MD, DSc


  • From 1971 at University of Copenhagen, Department of Biochemistry A, with interruptions as post doc at University of Pennsylvania (2 years), several other shorter intervals as visiting scientist in foreign labs and one year as Alfred Benzon senior researcher .
  • Appointed adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania, department of Biochemistry & Biophysics 1989-99
  • Since 1994 full professor of Metabolic Biochemistry, The Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Research-Administrative appointments:

  • Chief of the Panum NMR Center  since 1991.
  • Member of the Medical Faculty Research Committee from 1990-95. 
  • Chairman of Department of Biochemistry A,1993-99. 
  • Chairman of the Faculty Committee for Strategic Research Developments, 2002-03. 
  • Member of the Board of the Faculty of Health Sciences, 2000-7.
  • Member of the Central Research Committee of the University of Copenhagen, 2002-4. 
  • Chairman of the University of Copenhagen Research Priority Area, BioCampus, 2003-08. 
  • Department Chairman (Section of Cellular and Metabolic Research) 2007-. 
  • Chairman of the Panum Faculty Club 2008-.  
  • Memb. Danish Academy of Natural Sciences 1986 -.
  • Chairman of the Board of Universitetsavisen/University Post 2011-.

Experience with evaluations for academic positions:
Since my appointment as full professor (1994) I have served on > 20 evaluation committees for academic University positions as assistant-, associate- and full professor.

Research interests and publications:
Regulation of energy- and intermediary metabolism. Studies in liver, muscle and brain. A major part employing NMR- and other spectroscopic techniques. In addition, studies on metabolic imaging (zonation) of the liver, Fetal metabolic programming and several technical developments including one recent US patent.

Has published a total of 239 papers with 172 in peer-reviewed journals, as seen in a Harzing Citation Search, indicating a H-index of 39, a  G-index of 61 and 5179 citations. In addition, more than 70 articles and interviews in Danish media on university politics and educational matters.

ID: 12444