Andreas Kjær

Andreas Kjær


Primary fields of research

Professor Andreas Kjær (MD, PhD, DMSc) is head of Cluster for Molecular Imaging (CMI).

Cluster for Molecular Imaging focuses on translational molecular imaging with PET and PET/MRI and on development of targeted radionuclide therapies (theranostics) for use in precision medicine in cancer, cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory disease.

The research group has expertise in all the steps involved in developing molecular imaging: from basic research to obtaining approval by the health authorities, GMP and GCP. Access to both clinical and preclinical state-of-the-art facilities allows CMI to perform highly translational research based on relevant clinical challenges. Several of CMI’s results have been implemented in clinical routine.

Development of molecular imaging involves numerous disciplines; therefore, CMI includes researchers from diverse backgrounds: physicists, chemists, engineers, human biologists, medical doctors, veterinarians, etc.

Professor Andreas Kjær is also chief physician at Rigshospitalet and co-founder of start-ups, e.g. Minerva Imaging - a scientifically driven CRO founded in 2011.


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