Mitochondrial physiology lab 

We perform high quality and through measures of the mitochondrial functionality. Our primary measures are respiratory analysis, measures of free radicals production and measures of the inner mitochondrial membrane potential. Furthermore, we also do measures of several different mitochondrial related enzymes, proteins and gene expressions.

The lab holds equipment that enables us to investigate the mitochondrial function in several different types of tissues. Primarily our focus is the mitochondrial function in skeletal and heart muscles and adipose tissue.

Research Area

Our focus

We focus on regulatory mechanisms of oxygen transport and utilization in humans during exercise in health and in various pathological states, and the adaptations to exercise training, diet intervention and environment.

Specific areas

Specific areas of research include the regulation of cardiac output, biochemical control of muscle blood flow to oxygen consumption by mitochondria. Experimental approaches include dye-dilution cardiac output, thermodilution near-infrared spectroscopy measures of muscle blood flow, microdialysis for muscle biochemistry and high-resolution respirometry for mitochondrial function.


  • Hansatech (measures of oxygen consumption)
  • Oroboros, Innsbruck Austria (measures of oxygen consumption)
  • Seahorse, Boston USA (measures of oxygen consumption and pH)
  • SAFAS, Monaco (flourospectrophotometer for measures of mitochondrial free radical production and mitochondrial membrane potential (compatible with the Oroboros))

If you require further information concerning the equipment, please contact Flemming Dela,