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Compartmentalized Metabolism research

The desire to understand metabolism and its regulation dates back several centuries, but regardless of the vast invested research efforts, it still today remains elusive. I believe that one of the reasons may be the lack of important information to reach full understanding, a lack of an integrative approach towards cellular processes. 

Today's science is mainly based on snapshots of a limited number of variables of the system at determined time points. As stated by Ludwig von Bertalanffy in The General System Theory, contemporary science should recognize the importance of "Wholeness". One of the rather ignored important variables of metabolic regulation is intracellular compartmentalization. Read about the research background


Regulation of muscle glycogen and lipid related enzymes based on intracellular redistribution and compartmentalization. 

Glycogen and lipid muscle energy stores - utilization and recovery during exercise followed by rest. 


Impairment of insulin-induced glycogen synthase response in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM).