Collaboration – University of Copenhagen

The translational metabolic physiologygroup has collaborated with numerous of people and institutions. The collaborations are divided into two different groups:

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National collaborations

One of the major ambitions of this Section has been to establish contact with important laboratories in Denmark working with metabolism. This has been corroborated with the aid of PhD stipends as well as with project support. In this way collaborations with groups within the Department of Biomedical Sciences as well as with other departments at the University of Copenhagen have been established :

Flemming Dela, Professor. See Flemming Dela's profile.

Charlotte Mehlin-Sørensen. See Charlotte Mehlin-Sørensen's profile.

Bente Stallknecht, Professor. See Bente Stallknecht's profile. 

Thorkild Ploug, Associate Professor. See Thorkild Ploug's profile.

Gerrit Van Hall, Professor. See Gerrit Van Hall's profile.

Erik Richter, Professor

Bente Kiens, Professor. See Bente Kiens' profile.

Bo Feldt Rasmussen, Professor. See Bo Feldt Rasmussen's profile.

Jens Rehfeld, Professor. See Jens Rehfeld's profile. 

Linda Hilsted, Associate Professor

Bente Klarlund, Professor. See Bente Klarlund's profile.

Jens Bülow, Professor. See Jens Bülows profile.

Lars Dragsted, Professor. See Lars Dragsted's profile.

Palle Jeppesen, Professor 

Eva Prescott, Professor. See Eva Prescott's profile. 

Steen Haugaard

Torben Hansen, Professor

Sten Madsbad, Professor

We also have collaborations with groups outside Copenhagen University: 

Steno Diabetes Center
The bariatric Surgery Team at Køge Hospital
The Hypoglycaemia Group at Hillerød Sygehus
Department of Endocrinology at Hvidovre Hospital
Holbæk Hospital (juvenile obesity)
Odense Hospital: several projects with medical departments
Esbjerg Sygehus
Århus Hospital
Kjeld Hermansen
Jørgen Frøkjær
Henrik Vilstrup
Bente Langdahl

In addition we have close collaboration with several groups at Novo Nordisk, exploring drug potentials of gut hormones and derivatives thereof.

International collaborations

We have extensive international collaborations. Most important to us are the groups surrounding Professor Michael Nauck and Professor Juris Meier, both the Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, but we have collaborators in other countries as well.

The US

Chris Newgard, Duke University
Denise Ney, Wisconsin
Doug Burrin, Houston
Alan Geliebter, NY
Adrian Vella/Robert Rizza, Mayo
Rohit Kulkarni, Boston



David Sigalet, Calgary 



Yutaka Seino, Professor, Osaka


Jerry Greenfield


Jacqueline Dekker, Amsterdam
Nieuwdorph, Amsterdam
Ellen Blaak, Maastricht 
Van Kempe


Ele Ferrannini
Andrea Giaccari
Theresa Mezza, Andrea Mari



Matikanien, MM Perälä, MR Taskinen 


Remy Burcelin, Toulouse 


Burhard Göke
Jörg Schirra, Munich


Johannes Miholic, Professor 


Bo Ahrén, Lund
Inger Björk, Lund 
Peter Schmidt, Professor 
Erik Näslund, Professor
Åke Sjöholm
All Karolinska Instituttet
Per Hellström, Uppsala

We have developed important international collaborations which could turn out to be extremely fruitful. An especially tight link has been established with the Fiona Gribble/ Frank Reimann group at the University of Cambridge. The section is a partner (among 16 international partners) in the EU project Full4Health, investigating nutritional aspects of obesity.