Translational Metabolic Physiology Group

In our group, laboratory experiments can be translated into effective clinical studies in order to understand the functional challenges of obesity and diabetes, and to provide new principles for improved therapy of these conditions.


























































Group leader Jens Juul Holst

Group Leader
Jens Juul Holst
Mobile:+45 28 75 75 18

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Berit Svendsen +45 353-27536 E-mail
Cecilie Bæch-Laursen Student   E-mail
Charlotte Bayer Christiansen Postdoc +45 353-34473 E-mail
Daniel Bjørklund Andersen PhD student +45 353-37499 E-mail
Geke Aline Boer PhD student +45 91 95 65 33 E-mail
Ida Marie Modvig Research assistant   E-mail
Jens Bülow Clinical professor +45 353-30775 E-mail
Katrine Douglas Galsgaard PhD student +45 353-37521 E-mail
Marie Winther Achu Research assistant   E-mail
Nicolai Jacob Wewer Albrechtsen - +45 29 64 93 29 E-mail
Niels Bindslev Emeritus   E-mail
Rie Florander Student   E-mail
Rune Ehrenreich Kuhre Assistant professor +45 353-30785 E-mail
Sara Elizabeth Stinson PhD student   E-mail
Sara Lind Jepsen Postdoc +45 353-34803 E-mail
Sasha Alexandra Sampson Kjeldsen PhD fellow   E-mail
Stella Feng Sheng Xu Research assistant   E-mail