Cardiac Pharmacology

The focus of associate prof. Bo Hjorth Bentzen’s research group is to understand the mechanism of cardiac arrhythmia and to find new opportunities for treatment of these.

To this end we work with a broad range of model systems (link til techniques) ranging from electrophysiological recordings on single cells to isolated perfused hearts, zebrafish and recordings on large animals.

Our work includes investigating the mechanism of inherited cardiac arrhythmia and discovering and validating new ion channel drug target for the treatment of cardiac disorders such Long-QT syndrome, ischemia-reperfusion injuries and atrial fibrillation. To accomplish this we employ different strategies to generate cardiac disease models. We successfully work with models of cardiac ischemia, sophisticated large animal models of atrial fibrillation and in collaboration with Nicole Schmitt and Morten Salling Olesen IPSC derived cardiomyocyte models of inherited arrhythmias.


In general our projects focus on understanding the role of ion channels in health and disease. The projects are often performed in collaboration with the other members of the Ion Channel Group who are experts in biochemistry, molecular biology, imaging, and genetics. This ensures that we have all necessary expertise.

Examples of ongoing projects:

  • Novel treatments of AF (Target-AF) - A collaborative project between Acesion Pharma and us, funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark
  • Epigenetics of AF
  • Inherited arrhythmias:
    1) Development of transgenic zebrafish models to understand the involvement and function of specific genes in the development and progression of cardiac arrhythmias. 
    2) Examining the effect of genetic mutations in inherited arrhythmic diseases by patch clamp experiments
  • PUFAs and Long-QT syndrome



  • Two-electrode voltage-clamp
  • Single cell patch clamping
  • Automated patch clamping (QPatch) for drug screen on cell cultures and primary
  • Sharp electrode recordings of action potentials (incl. zebra fish recordings)

In vitro

  • Cell proliferation assays
  • Primary cell culturing

Ex vivo

  • Isolated perfused heart preparations

In vivo

  • Sophisticated tachypaced models of atrial fibrillation
  • Electrophysiology (ECG and effective refractory period measurements)
  • Zebrafish recordings

Group members

Bo Hjorth Bentzen, MSc, PhD
Associate Professor 
Phone: +45 3533 0791
See CV and publication list 
Sofia Hammami Bomholtz, MSc, PhD
Postdoc (part-time)
Phone: +45 3533 0749
See CV and publication list
Federico Denti, MSc, PhD
Phone: +45 3533 0962
Rafel Simò Vicens
PhD Student
Phone: +45 7150 1930
Carlotta Citerni
PhD Student

Ilsbeth van Herck

PhD Student

Mark Alexander Skarsfeldt, MSc
PhD Student
Phone: +45 3533 0985
See CV and publication list
Joana Larupa, MSc
PhD student
See CV and publication list
Jonas Goldin Diness
Guest Researcher, employee with Acesion Pharma
Phone: +45 3533 0963
Lea Abildgaard Jensen
Technician, employee with Acesion Pharma
Phone: +45 3533 0971

Jeppe Egedal Kirchhoff

Guest Researcher, employee with Acesion Pharma


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our research and opportunities.