Research techniques

In vivo methods

We measure renal blood flow, glomerular filtration, blood pressure, heart rate and urine excretion under different experimental conditions:

Changes in blood pressure

Infusion of pharmacological substances
  a. Into the blood stream
  b. Directly into the kidney

Treatment over longer periods (chronic)

In vitro methods

Isolated arterioles mounted in wire-myographs or pressure myographs
are used for Ca2+ measurements, vascular responses to
agonists/antagonists, myogenic responses and flow-induced diameter changes.
Vessels are obtained from healthy animals or different disease/genetically
modified animal models.

Isolated perfused rat or mouse kidneys are used to measure changes in the diameter of afferent or efferent arterioles. Both local and propagated vascular responses can be measured during:

Changes in perfusion pressure 

Changes in tubular flow

Pharmacological intervention

Electrical stimulation



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