Members of the Protein Oxidation group

Michael Davies was awarded his B.Sc. and D.Phil. degrees from University of York, UK. He completed a postdoctoral position at Brunel University, before returning to the University of York as a staff member. In 1995 he moved to the Heart Research Institute, Sydney, Australia, where he was a group leader, Director and a Professor at the University of Sydney. In mid-2014 he moved to the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Panum Institute, University of Copenhagen, to take up a new position funded by a Novo Nordisk Foundation Laureate Research Grant.

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Current Research Group


  • Dr. Christine Chuang  
  • Dr. Marta Ignasiak
  • Dr. Fabian Leinisch
  • Dr. Luke Gamon

PhD students:

  • Anna Krämer
  • Tina Nybo
  • Siriluck (Pam) Vanichkitrungruang
  • Lasse Lorentzen
  • Zhifei (Alex) Chen
  • Triantafyllos Zacharias
  • Luke Hall (University of Sydney)
  • Cassidy Moeke (University of Sydney)

Research Assistant:

  • Konstantina Flouda

Exchange Student:

  • Rob Harkness (University of Exeter)

Visiting Scientists (last 2 years):

  • Associate Professor Arno Siraki (Canada)
  • Georg Degendorfer (Australia)
  • Fiona Sarna (Spain)
  • Elizabeth Escobar-Alvarez (Chile)
  • Elton Borges (Brazil)
  • Dr. Gabriel Kciuk (Poland)