Funding – University of Copenhagen


The Protein Oxidation Group has received grants from a number of private and public foundations. Here is a selection of them.

Year 2014
Quantitative oxidative biology of proteins; Davies M,
Novo Nordisk Foundation Laureate Research Grant.

Year 2014
Protein oxidation induced by singlet oxygen and peroxyl radicals and its consequences; Davies M, Pattison D; Australian Research Council Discovery Projects.

Year 2013
SF-61SX2/s stopped-flow fluorimeter and upgrade of SX-17MV stopped-flow spectrometer; Clarke R, Davies M, Lay P, Witting P, Rasmussen H, Matthews J, Pattison D, Vandenberg J; National Health and Medical Research Council Equipment Grant.
Year 2012
Mechanisms and consequences of damage to arterial extracellular matrix induced by reactive nitrogen species; Davies M, Whitelock J; Heart Foundation of Australia Grant-in-Aid.

Year 2012
Multiplexed capabilities for surface analysis and imaging by mass spectrometry; Blanksby S, Davies M, Truscott R; Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities.

Year 2012

Are selenium based antioxidants effective in the repair of protein radicals?;

Pattison D, Davies M, Anderson R; Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering Award.