Molecular Pharmacology

Research focus

The common research theme of the Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory (MolPharm) is the relationship between structure and function of 7TM (seven transmembrane segment), G protein-coupled receptors.

Structure-function studies of 7TM G protein coupled receptors within in particular the immune system (cytokine and lipid receptors) and the endocrine system (incretin, neuropeptide, melanocortin, melatonin, lipid and orphan receptors). This includes the molecular basis for ligand recognition and receptor activation, action of allosteric and orthosteric agonists, antagonists, super- and inverse agonists. Identification of novel compounds by site-directed drug discovery methods and chemogenomics. Description of signalling phenomena such as constitutive activity, functional selectivity (biased activity) and receptor cross-talk.












Group leader

Group Leader
Mette Rosenkilde

Phone +45 3060 4608

Professors, Associate Professors and Tenure-track Assistant Professors in the research theme

Name Title Email
Mette Rosenkilde Professor
Gertrud Malene Hjortø Associate Professor
Martin Gustavsson Tenure-track Assistant Professor

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Adrian Dragan Guest Researcher +4525562093 E-mail
Amalie Nørskov Visiting Student   E-mail
Anna Cristina Kaltenbach No job title   E-mail
Anna Louise Silvia Walser PhD Student   E-mail
Ashok Mayendraraj Medical student   E-mail
Christian Berg PhD Student   E-mail
Christoffer Knak Goth Postdoc +4535330337 E-mail
Dagmar Fæster Kildedal PhD Student   E-mail
Ditte Riber Guest Researcher   E-mail
Emma Probst Brandum Student   E-mail
Felix Faas Master Student   E-mail
Hans Rudolf von Lüttichau Guest Researcher +4535327346 E-mail
Hüsün Sheyma Kizilkaya PhD Student   E-mail
Jacob Bak Holm Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Jarkko Juhani Lackman Postdoc +4535337951 E-mail
Jesper Uhd Research Assistant   E-mail
Jone Marita Kvam Research Assistant   E-mail
Julius Maximilian Knerr Visiting Student   E-mail
Kathrine Tandberg Thovtrup Master-Student   E-mail
Katja Spiess No job title +4529611932 E-mail
Kira Devantier PhD Fellow +4535324227 E-mail
Kristian Reveles Jensen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Liv von Voss Christensen PhD Fellow +4522484124 E-mail
Lærke Smidt Gasbjerg Postdoc   E-mail
Maibritt Sigvardt Baggesen Head Bioanalyst +4535337068 E-mail
Maja Lind Nybo Postdoc +4535334787 E-mail
Maria Buur Nordskov Gabe PhD Student   E-mail
Masa Rutar Guest Researcher   E-mail
Mikkel Byrdal Student   E-mail
Olav Larsen Research Assistant   E-mail
Peter Alexander Gerlach Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Peter Lindquist Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Samra Joke Sanni Guest Researcher   E-mail
Sarina Gadgaard External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Signe Juul Mathiasen Assistant Professor +4561658536 E-mail
Simone Isling Pærregaard Postdoc +4535321624 E-mail
Siv Annegrethe Hjorth Associate Professor +4535334877 E-mail
Sofie Otzen Bagger PhD Student   E-mail
Sune Kjærsgaard Jensen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Søren Petersen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4529802390 E-mail
Tor Erling Lea External   E-mail
Viktoria Madeline Skovgaard Kjær Research Assistant +4522183712 E-mail