Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory

The common research theme of the Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory is the relationship between structure and function of 7TM (seven transmembrane segment), G protein-coupled receptors.

The structure-function relationship is studied in close collaboration with computational chemistry groups – in particular Professor Thomas Frimurer and his group – and various medicinal chemistry groups in academia and in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacological concepts from the invtro studies are carried over into the in vivo pharmacological setting and probed in various animal models.

Research focus

The laboratory consists of three independent groups headed by Birgitte Holst and Mette M Rosenkilde.

Birgitte Holst

Holst Group
 focuses on in vitro structure and function studies of 7TM G protein coupled receptors involved in metabolic homeostasis and glucose metabolism. 

Mette Rosenkilde

Mette M. Rosenkilde Group focuses on structure-function studies of 7TM G protein coupled receptors within in particular the immune system (cytokine and lipid receptors) and the endocrine system. 

Hans Rudolf von Lüttichau

In addition to the two PIs, Associate professor Hans Rudolf von Lüttichau is also affiliated with the Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory.