Physiology of Ion Channel Complexes

My research is focused on the impact of mutations, molecular regulatory mechanisms and accessory subunits on the function of ion channel complexes with special focus on cardiac arrhythmia. Many studies dealt with the molecular regulation and biophysical mechanisms behind ion channel dysfunction observed in cardiac arrhythmia, especially in atrial fibrillation, Brugada syndrome and Long QT syndrome.

Due to the fact that many of the studied channels are expressed in a variety of tissues, we are also interested in their characterization in e.g. neurons, pancreatic cells, and the vasculature. Here, the different patterns observed in different organs give valuable hints for the understanding of the complexity (and beauty) of human physiology.

Further core areas of my research are the molecular mechanisms of cardiac ion channel trafficking, and the posttranslational modification and regulation of cardiac ion channel complexes.


































































Group leader Nicole Schmitt

Group Leader
Nicole Schmitt
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