Protein Oxidation

Our group works to understand the mechanisms of protein modification by reactive species (radicals, two-electron oxidants, glycation reactions), the biological consequences of such reactions, and the development of methods to quantify protein damage in disease with a particular emphasis on cardiovascular pathologies.

The Protein Oxidation group is also very interested in peroxidase enzymes (particularly myeloperoxidase), EPR spectroscopy for the detection of transient radicals, the kinetics of oxidant reactions, extracellular matrix damage and the development of antioxidants and inhibitors of oxidant formation.



















































































































































































































































Group leader Michael Davies

Michael Davies
Michael Davies

Phone +45  2364 9445

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Karen Chuxian Yang PhD Fellow   E-mail
Lasse Gøbel Lorentzen Postdoc +4535327449 E-mail
Luke Francis Gamon Assistant Professor +4550221559 E-mail
Per Mårten Hägglund Associate Professor +4535332764 E-mail
Qing Gao PhD Student   E-mail
Sara Marthedal Jørgensen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Shuqi Xu PhD Student   E-mail
Xing Zhang Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Yihe Wang PhD Student   E-mail