Food proteins

Our research vision is to enhance food quality by understanding complex chemical interactions between food components in sustainable food production, and to implement this knowledge in rational and healthy food design.

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Our foods are being increasingly processed and manipulated today to obtain longer shelf life for increased export, to reduce food waste, and to feed a world with growing population.

Thermal processing of foods (pasteurization, dehydration) is widely used to postpone microbiological decay and prolong shelf life, but creates a range of chemicaland physical modifications on proteins and potential concomitant effects on nutritional value and human health.

Proteins are key nutrients and it is critically important that the proteins in our diet are of high nutritional quality and are not damaged during processing and storage. 























































































































Group leader

Group Leader

Marianne Nissen Lund

Phone +45 3533 3547

Group members

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Akillioglu, Halise Gul Postdoc +4535334154 E-mail
Bevilacqua, Marta Assistant Professor   E-mail
Engholm-Keller, Kasper Postdoc +4535326287 E-mail
Lund, Pernille PhD Fellow +4535334014 E-mail
Poojary, Mahesha Manjunatha Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535326404 E-mail
Risum, Anne Bech PhD Fellow +4535334280 E-mail