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PhD course 4007-16-01-00

Course title
DRUG-RECEPTOR INTERACTIONS. How to analyze dose-response curves. 

Aim & Content

The course aims at elevating your skills about interpreting dose-response relationships at equilibrium or steady-state for both agonists and ant-agonists from the very basic to the most advanced level of models; including Hall's allosteric two-state model for analyzing the allosteric effect of drugs like Cinacalcet (Minpara, Sensipar). The course consists of eight hours of theoretical lectures and eight hours of hands-on lab-classes using software to analyze dose-responses. You will be proficient in the SigmaPlot software.

Target group

PhD and Master students enrolled at the faculties of Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Biosciences, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences.
People from the pharmaceutical industry are welcome too.

Form & Course material

Lectures and hand-on lab-classes with participation of students and running evaluation.
The theoretical part will be based on chapters in the book "Drug Acceptor Interactions", May 2008. The book is available in English only.

All training sessions are based on Chapter 9 in the above mentioned book. A revised edition of this chapter from April 2009 is available at the above net address. Each participant will have access to a PC equipped with SigmaPlot software (SP) during the course. Prescience in SP is not necessary. Acquired knowledge is tested during and at the end of the course.  


English (in case all participants understand Danish, this will be the language).

ECTS points 2.3

Course director and teacher

Niels Bindslev MD; Associate professor, Section of Endocrine Research,
Department of Biomedical Sciences, Panum Building, Copenhagen University.
Phone: +45 24490616 E-mail:

Total course fee
Free of charge by transfer for enrolled students or DKK 3000,- for others.

Course secretary
The course has number 4007-14-01-00 in the course catalogue.

Write to and include the name of the course ‘4007’. Limit is 12 participants based on first come first.....

Participants are expected to have skimmed through the Preface, Preface, Part I, including Introduction and chapters 1 and 2 in the book "Drug Acceptor Interactions".

The course relates to the areas for Ph.D. courses at Copenhagen University listed as:
3. Biomedical Research
8. Advanced Tool Subjects

Please contact Niels Bindslev,, if you require any further information.