Cardiac Physiology Laboratory

In the Cardiac Physiology Laboratory, we aim at elucidating cardiac electrophysiology in health and disease with a specific focus on ion channels and their associated proteins and functions using molecular, biochemical, pharmacological, and electrophysiological investigations.




























































































Group leader Thomas Jespersen

Group Leader

Thomas Jespersen

Phone: +45 24 80 51 90 

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Debes, Karina Poulsdóttir PhD student   E-mail
Hesselkilde, Eva Melis Postdoc +45 353-34593 E-mail
Linz, Benedikt Maximilian PhD Fellow   E-mail
Lund, Morten Asp Vonsild PhD student   E-mail
Madsen, Mette Flethøj Visiting Researcher +45 353-33624 E-mail
Nissen, Sarah Dalgas PhD student   E-mail
Ozhathil, Lijo Cherian Postdoc   E-mail
Sattler, Stefan Research assistant   E-mail