Cardiac Electrophysiology Group

The human heart beats approximately 3,000,000,000 times in a human life time. Each beat is a cardiac contraction that pumps blood into the blood vessels of the body. The contraction during each beat and the regular rhythm of the heart beats throughout life are intricately orchestrated by the heart’s electrical activity.

Cardiac electrophysiology is the science investigating, diagnosing, treating, manipulating and challenging the electrical activities of the heart. This is what we do.

Our present aim is to understand how lifestyle and disease affect the electrophysiology of the heart. We have built a lab to investigate diurnal and circadian rhythms in cardiac electrophysiology. Moreover, we use disease models and genetically altered mice to mimic clinical, cardiac and non-cardiac disorders, and study the altered cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmia vulnerability. One example is diabetes: Diabetic patients do not die due to diabetes, but due to the associated cardiovascular problems. We study this. 
























































































































Group leader Morten B. Thomsen

Group Leader

Morten B. Thomsen
Associate Professor

Phone +45 2383 9884 

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