We are currently working within the following research topics:

Protein oxidation:

  • Establishment of protein oxidation pathways in foods and influence on food quality
  • Influence of oxidation on protein structure and function
  • Control of oxidation by boosting antioxidative defence systems
  • Exploitation of protein oxidation for improvement of protein functionality

Keywords: Thiols, disulfides, amino acid oxidation, protein carbonyls, cross-linking, beer haze, meat texture, flavor, unfolding, digestibility

Maillard reactions/protein glycation

  • Characterisation of protein glycation/Maillard reactions in food and beverages to understand reaction mechanisms
  • Influence of Maillard reactions on protein structure and function
  • Inhibition of Maillard reactions by use of alternative technologies/processing such as enzymes and plant polyphenols

Keywords: AGE formation, Strecker aldehydes, flavor, colour, enzymes, polyphenols, reducing sugars, dicarbonyls

Phenol-induced modifications

  • Establishment of polyphenols as natural antioxidative and antiglycative ingredients in foods
  • Characterisation of phenol-induced modifications of proteins and carbohydrates
  • Influence of phenol-induced modifications on protein structure and function
  • Absorption and uptake in animals and inflammatory effects

Keywords: Protein-quinone adducts, dicarbonyl trapping, oxidation and polymerisation, absorption and uptake, antioxidants

Protein structure and functionality

  • Tailor-making of protein aggregates with improved flavour, functionality and nutritional value
  • Determination of the significance of protein structure on modification mechanisms

Keywords: protein unfolding, denaturation, cross-linking, aggregation, thermal treatment, enzymes, photooxidation