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Previous and current international and industrial collaborations:

Senior Scientist John Sørensen and Research Scientist Valentin Rauh
Arla Foods amba
Senior Managers Christina Lunde, Mikael Blom Sørensen, Hans Peter Heldt-Hansen & Science Manager Alexander Mauch, Research Scientist Jens Eklöf
Novozymes A/S
Professor Stephan de Smet & Geert Van Royen
ILVO, Belgium
Professor Michael J. Davies
Heart Research Institute, Sydney, Australia
Professor Daniel Cardoso
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Professor Alessandro Priolo & Postdoc Giuseppe Luciano
University of Catania, Italy
Postdoc Mario Estevez
University of Extremadura, Spain
Project leader Marchen Hviid
Danish Meat Research Institute
Consultant Mari Ann Tørngren
Danish Meat Research Institute

Associate professor Ole Hartvig Mortensen

Nutrient Transport and Metabolism group, Department of Biomedical Sciences, UCPH

Senior Innovation Manager Jacob Holm Nielsen & Research scientist Søren Bang Nielsen
Arla Foods Ingredients

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