Physical activity enhances health and prolongs life. In Act4Life we develop, carry out and publish research elucidating the mechanisms behind the health-enhancing effects of physical activity. We also investigate how to best implement physical activity in daily life.

People exercising

The vision of Act4Life is to prevent inactivity-related diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The mission of Act4Life is based on biomedical and interdisciplinary research to develop valid and robust strategies promoting health-enhancing physical activity in everyday life.

We value high academic standards, innovation, diversity and a working environment that combines an ambitious and a social atmosphere.
































Group leader

Group Leader
Bente Stallknecht
Prorector, Professor

Phone +45 3532 7540

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Ali Mohebbi -   E-mail
Ann-Kamilla Sif Hjelm Marcussen Visiting Researcher   E-mail
Anne Dsane Andersen Visiting Researcher   E-mail
Caroline Borup Roland PhD student +45 353-31173 E-mail
Ida-Marie Fosgrau Hergel Research assistant   E-mail
Jonas Salling Quist Visiting Researcher +45 353-30598 E-mail
Maria Mieskiewics Larsen Visiting Researcher   E-mail
Marie Helene Pers Student   E-mail
Martin Bæk Blond Visiting Researcher   E-mail
Signe de Place Knudsen PhD student   E-mail